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iCloud, Weinergate, Download

I have no idea where this is from..but it appealed

iClouds, Weinergate, Download.
Baffling Bewitching…

Steve Jobs from Apple has said, ” We are going to move the digital hub, the centre of your digital life, into the cloud.”. Apparently it is an iCloud not to be confused I think with a rain cloud, thundercloud or cumulonimbus.  It’s also free so it must in some way resemble nature more than science by nature of it’s very freedom.  All of Apple’s devices can all talk to the cloud and will I think automatically sync without even having to take it out of your pocket.

Now this should be good news for the Weinergate congressman who first claimed pictures of his um thingy happened when his camera went off, in his pocket pants releasing his private file for the world to see.  He finally comes clean and uses the one line, the same disgusting nauseating line every public official  jerk has used to his public.  “I have made terrible mistakes and hurt the peopleI care about the most. “.  Oh and I really like the line, “I was trying to protect my wife..”. They have been married one year and he..the pervert, says they have no intention of splitting even though those pics are out there because he sent them to a few young “women”.  His wife is an aide to Hillary Clinton so she probably will stay with him following the sick example set by her boss.  

I cannot and do not judge anyone for their practices, living in a glass house and all, but at least accept responsibility.  Saying you are sorry doesn’t cut it.  Sure you are sorry.  Sorry you got caught.  You know the death penalty should exist…for liars because ‘Liar Liar your pants are on fire’. just doesn’t seem harsh enough.

Mr. Anthony Weiner, the good news is that with the new iCloud you can take a photo, upload it to the cloud, then down load it to ALL the devices, including, iPad, MAC, Apple TV.

Torturing Tantalizing Thoughts & Sleep Deprivation

Torturous Tantalizing Thoughts & Sleep Deprivation

It’s quarter to three no one in the place cept you and me…as sung by Frank Sinatra.  Except its not quarter to three it’s quarter to four..in the morning..being sung my me..sort of.

Now I think I have my night routine down pretty good to ensure a lovely slumber.  But more and more as my addiction to all things words, and how those words became, has taken my fancy, I sleep less.

It’s not so bad when I do a post at least once in the day, but today, well Monday which really is yesterday, I did not.  Is this a haunting?  Sure feels like it.  We all know words have power but really this is too much.  Instead of becoming a master of words it seems I am now the slave to.

Sometime between ten and midnight I go through my routine -wash my face, brush my teeth…Mom and the dentist would be so proud, and settle in for a wee read then snuggle ready to drift off to the land of Nod.  Oh and Nod would be so nice.

But tonight the words start, unbidden.  You did not blog.
Well I will blog in the morning.
But you did not blog.
But I am tired.
I successfully tuck that thought away only to discover other thoughts sneaking in.

I wonder how the idea of a particular story line evolves.
I wonder how Koontz got the idea for…
I wonder how Meyer took a dream…
I wonder how Rowling conceived a whole world riding on a train.
I wonder how King writes strictly in the morning, reads in the afternoon..

Then I wonder how Cody at his new site Awayandaway.com  is doing.
I wonder how Pat Cegan at Source and Inspiration is doing in Brazil.
In fact I start to wonder how all my other bloggers are doing.

I don’t just wonder one line thoughts.  Each wonder is turned into convoluted mindless meanderings which take time.  Land of Nod time.

So I turn on the light, snatch up the iPad, and write something to appease, to exorcise this demon for a few hours at least.

So now I wonder if all my bloggers who have so many wonderful thoughts and sites sleep well.  Do you?

But mostly in this very moment as five o’clock approaches, I wonder if this contribution will be enough to satiate the master of my thoughts to allow a visit to that most desirable Land.

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

I have not been a blogger for long and really had no idea on where to start.  The initial motivation came from my future daughter in law who enjoyed my stories and suggested I write down my thoughts.  Not sure where the value was in blogging I started, timidly.  Then I found treasures more than I could ever imagine.  They are the stories, poems and meanderings of a remarkable group of people.  Stories that have made me cry, made me laugh and helped me in my journey of self realization.

When Colleen Brown, The Chatter Master received this award she was charged with sending it on to others.  By some miracle I was one of those people.  And in so receiving I pass it on to others, all Masters in their own right.  People who when I wake each day I rush to see what new things they have posted.  People who make my day. There cannot be any priority in listing these folk. It would be impossible but with this recognition goes my every lasting thanks for letting me in any way be part of your fabulous lives.

Source of Inspiration patcegan.wordpress.com whom I consider a mentor having taken brave steps surrendering all.

The Domestic Fringe thedomesticfringe.wordpress.com Tricia who welcomes us into her wacky wonderful world and makes us feel like part of that family.

Crowing Crone Joss crowingcrone.wordpress.com who always knows the right thing to say with style.

Mouli at stickyideas.wordpress.com who cheers me on half a world away

The War Fish’s Lair brahmineyes.wordpress.com who sometimes makes me cry and sometimes makes me search my inner soul

Eliza Keating fedoraslane.wordpress.com who reaches out to encourage and is a light to all who read her.

Hey from Japan Amblerangel.wordpress.com who gives us a fly on the wall view of new culture in the midst of earthquakes and tsunamis and handling it with compassion, reality and class

And while there cannot ever be a last, 

Pig and Pepper Gregoryhamel.wordpress.com who stretches my grey cells forcing new thoughts and considerations.

From Colleen’s post it seems I am supposed to tell you seven random facts about myself:

First generation baby boomer. 
Been a nurse all my life- it’s in my blood. 
I get better as I get older, I swear!
Love my age
Addicted to Williams Coffee Pub and their half waffle and fruit
Love music and when I grow up want to be a singer..if only I could carry a tune..but persist in singing always
Have been Blessed and protected all my life!