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Oil Changes and Assumptions

It’s nice to have time to sit quietly.  Where does one get this kind of time in the early morning?  Why at a Canadian Tire waiting for an oil change.  It’s quite lovely really sitting in an empty waiting room listening to the fellow at the front desk click away sporadically at his keyboard or field a call of enquiry on what services they provide and the resultant cost.

There has been a hint of summer approaching and babble that we would just skip spring altogether this year.  Ah then nature asserts his or her (why do we think of nature as a her?)  well..nature and we are reminded not to assume…anything..ever.  It makes me wonder how almanacs can be written with frequent accuracy or near accuracy so far into the future.  In the midst of our premature summer and early suntans we had one day and night of cold.  Cold enough to turn the beautiful pink magnolia blossoms brown and limp just hours before they were ready to burst in glory.   Three hardy little daffodils that surfaced earlier remain buttering an otherwise blah garden bed. We are so easily spoiled and then disappointed, forgetting there are basic reliable rules, one of those being, do not plant anything before May 24th.  Of course the way the weather is going it could be winter by then.  No, just kidding!  But not assuming anything.

And now the forecast is for 3-5 mm of snow tomorrow.  It may be a teaser but if not we will just wait it out.  Good thing I got my tan in the first to weeks of March!

The Queen of Hamilton gets to Know the Local Gentry

The Queen of Hamilton Gets to Know the Local Gentry

It’s been a busy time lately sorting through years of storage accumulated, most of which needs shredding or dumping or giving away.  I thought when I started rising earlier in the mornings to get to the walking track I would have hours and hours extra a day to accomplish tasks and read and write blogs and books and all things wonderful.

I left for Hamilton this morning to visit and see how renovations on my new abode were coming.  Getting out of the car I notice the front driver’s tire was flat.  Very flat.  So for the first time ever I had a chance to use my roadside service.  The fellow arrived within 5 minutes; he came, he saw, he changed my tire and diagnosed my air valve failure and directed me to the nearest Canadian Tire.  

So here I sit, a lovely and very welcome breeze blowing as I wait.  The service itself will apparently not take long however there appears to be quite a long waiting line before my Fusion gets admitted to a bay.

I’ve been looking for time to catch upon my blogs and comments and thankfully the time is now!!

As soon as I arrived G2 proudly told me he is finished with diapers and he pees and poops in the toilet!  Then he proudly  took me into the bathroom to demonstrate but did not have to really go. He then let me know that when he does number 2 he gets a sucker.

G1 turns 8 next Saturday and his passion right now is collecting Angry Bird stuffies.  Seems he has the birds and now is completing his pig collection!
Now I am off to read and comment!  When you get lemons……