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Friday’s FITFS …..Linda Cassidy Lewis

Linda Cassidy Lewis The Brevity of Roses

 Each Friday I write about somone in the blogosphere who teaches me lessons, is supportive, and like all my Following in the Footsteps heroes is someone I would like in some small way to emulate.

How do I choose my FITFS?  Selecting first, or second, or third would be nigh unto impossible.  In addition to wanting to  honor those who I admire it seemed the easiest way would be to select those who take the time to comment on my posts first.  If you have ever commented then it is quite likely that some Friday, ‘when you least expect it you’re elected’ as the song from Candid Camera goes, you will be highlighted here.



This theme takes a better defined form  each time I do it. FITFS started out as a blanket praise and is evolving into delicious declarations of each writers’strengths, my fave posts or quotes (cause fave posts are almost impossibloe to choose), and what I have learned or what has inspired me.

Linda Cassidy Lewis is a California girl originally from Indiana.  Artistically she began expressing her creativity through drawing and eventually portaits with clientele in the US, Europe, and UK.  She is the consumate artist, drawing, living art, beading, and of course that fave expression of each of us – writing.

Certainly LCL (don’t her initials even seem poetic?) is dedicated, tenacious, persistent and very talented.

It is almost impossible to choose a favorite post – there are so  many.  Her first post was I believe October 13, 2008 in which she discusses how the Ms. Perfect side of her being judges everything she writes as garbage and with she posted a quote by C. J. Sherryh; ‘It is perfectly okay to write garbage as long as you edit brilliantly.’

My fave quote by Linda herself is; ‘When  you hoard imagination it suffers a sad, lonely death, so, as an act of mercy, I write fiction.’  Bloody brilliant I say!

See this author is all about inspiration so how could my own Ms. Perfect even think of holding me back.  So far Linda  Cassidy Lewis is the Doer and I with toes in the frigid unknown seas of publication stand poised and ready to jump in, getting braver every moment by her display of bravery.

She has a number of literary projects on the go and is the published author of ‘The Brevity of Roses. and I quote from Michelle Davidson Argyle author of ‘Monarch’; Told in gorgeous poetic tones, The Brevity of Roses will take you on a journey delving into the unique characters as delicate and beautiful as a rose itself.  Lewis’real understanding of relationships is phenomenal.’

Do yourself a favor and visit the mulitalented, multifaceted gem of a writer, and please click a ‘like’ or leave a wee comment for her.  Something we all appreciate!

I am now off to the last supper for our Scots cuz who alas must depart tomorrow!

And once again in case that linky thing isn’t working or I have made a mistake, please find LCL at lindacassidylewis.com


When is a Strawberry not a Strawberry?

“One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


I have been thinking about Strawberries for a while now.  Our season for this local fruit at its peak is short, generally the last two weeks of June.  The problem is that the only really good strawberry is best when picked fresh and eaten and alas the season has passed.  And I pretty much missed it.

There is purity in its taste that spoils me for secondary products but today at the market I succumbed to the purchase of two-quart baskets.  From California.  I knew better. My aunt has a saying, “Live in hope, die in despair.”


As soon as I got home I cleaned them gazing, anticipating, drooling at the deep delicious red enticing berries.  I entirely forgot about that whole judging a book by its cover thing.  I forgot about every imported berry I had ingested before.


Fruit that has been imported is never as tasty as fresh from the garden.  Usually I will buy frozen because they are given the deep freeze at the peak of freshness where imported means picked before ripeness, shipped and sprayed or dyed for color.

I forgot because it was more pleasant remembering what real ones taste like.  I do that way too often preferring to believe what I want things to be rather than seeing them for what they are. Nuts.

 I started slicing them.  Maybe I should not have done the slicing thing.  Beautiful plump red….with insides that looked like white wood.  Not even a pretense at berry insides.  Just white wood.  So they are now in a bowl in the fridge and I choose to hope that by tomorrow morning they will have by some miracle turned into the real thing.

 Either way I have Devon Cream and tomorrow in my mind it will be the best I have ever eaten!