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The Number One Best Answer of all Time is That One That Demands More Questions Introducing the Divine Mrs. M. The Saga of Orphan Annie continues….

The Divine Miss M is of course the moniker of Bette Midler who of course was and is to this day divine.  The one to whom I refer is Ms. or more accurately Mrs. Divine.  That’s how she pops into my mind.  I figure most of you have already figured out over these last many years that I do not disclose personal stuff belonging to anyone else.  Funny thing is I have actually had people say me, “Don’t write about this” or “I don’t want my illness made public.”

The point is the Divine Ms./Mrs. M is a cousin, far across the seas, who has a wonderful talent and learned skill in genealogy.  A rather difficult and patience-requiring skill; that requires 30% curiosity, 20% tenacity, and 50% Sherlock Holmes detecting skills.  I am sure those percentages can be interchanged but basically that’s what is required.  So I reached out in my frail genealogy weakened voice.  Advice? Direction?  Help!

Sweeping up her super cape, spectacles, magnifying glass, tea to the right, biscuits to the left (I am assuming), she settled down to her quest to help this colonial solve a problem, trace a line, and GET ANSWERS!

Now when we left off last, my great grandmother, (I would normally say ‘grandma’ but since we are talking Britain here I go with the more formal), Annie Dorothy Frampton, (who was 4 years old when she arrived in the orphanage in Stratford Ontario), we found out that she was 79 years old when the family was able to acquire her birth certificate from Somerset House in England.

For the first time in her life she knew her actual birth date, the name of her father and her mother, and mother’s maiden name.  For the first time in 79 years she knew the address where she had lived with her family, where she had been born in 1884 at 4 Poole Rd. South Hackney.  For the first time in her life, on February 14, 1964 she and the family celebrated her legitimate 80th birthday.

So some questions answered.  What we thought all along were the only questions. But…but….who were Francis Frampton and Edith Davies Frampton?  See? MORE QUESTIONS! TO BE ANSWERED NEXT POST!  STAY TUNED! (no go about your business – I will let you know.)  Carry on!