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I Worry

It’s cold here in Southern Ontario. Nothing ‘southern’ about this -11C (12.2F) sunny day here.

I worry about children who went to school not warmly dressed, about the homeless, about small animals left outside, on a day like this.

I am grateful for everything I have that keeps me and mine warm.

It is so cold….’how cold is it? Below are photos I just took. The dryer is on and as the warm air flows out of the vent the air cools it so quickly that the moisture cloud freezes immediately on the ground and the door.

Jan 22 2013 001                               Jan 22 2013 002BRRRRRRRR!

Of course a few days ago it reached 15 C (59F) which felt like summer to us Canucks.  The perfect environment to spawn a new wave of colds and coughs, which right this moment afflicts me.

Winds are 44 – 54 km per hour ( 25-30 mph) in some places and at least one highway has been closed down.  We have a few more days of ‘arctic air.  Bundle up everyone.  To my friends in warmer climes —ENJOY!

I Am Canadian! So saith G1


Well I got my preChristmas wish for snow a couple of days after that day.   And it was wonderful!  About a week or ten days of wonderful.  But yesterday things took a turn.  Big warm thirsty winds carrying us about the freezing mark are sweeping through and icicles began dripping yesterday and the white stuff on the ground is disappearing.But Monday and Tuesday after school has been fun. The boys preferred playing in their own front yard rather than the park. The weather was the perfect chill.  Some people may think of perfect chill when talking of fine wines.  Me?  When its crisp enough to play outside in fresh air and cheeks turn  that lovely pink and tunnels, forts, and igloos are all that occupy busy young minds.Jan 5th 2013 006


When I picked up the children from school Monday G1 was not wearing his gloves.  They are in my bag he said, too wet to wear. On arrival home there was no consideration of coming into the house.  First on the agenda was about an hour of play, romping, jumping, sliding, imaginations afire of great conquests.

I will  go into the house and get you dry gloves I told G2.  And then he said – Okay Grandma but if you don’t its okay.  Do you know why?

Well I could not think of an answer.  Who wouldn’t want warm dry hands?

Do you know why I said that Grandma, he asked again.

Because I AM CANADIAN.  I am Canadian grandma and do you know what that means?

No, said I wondering where all this was going.

I AM CANADIAN and that means I don’t really need gloves in snow.  Because I AM CANADIAN do you know I could be out here playing naked and it wouldn’t bother me.

I didn’t ask.  All I thought was how much pride he had in saying it.  Obviously he believes Canadians are a heartier sort of people than others.  Good for him.

Me?  The only time I have uttered those words with such glowing pride  – I am sad to say – is when I am ordering beer! molson canadian

Ah The Adventure of Weather

A couple of days ago I stepped out to greet a new day and watched as a few snowflakes did a wild dance above my head.  I am pretty sure I heard them calling out, “We want to dance to the ground and make a winter wonderland.”  But mighty winds roared forcing the small flakes higher into the sky and growled, “This is our day to play, so leave us!  The snowflakes left, forced away, and the winds played.  They played mightily for a long time and like naughty, screaming, out of control children, left a swath of destruction in many places.  Not even close enough to the upheaval their American cousins, the tornados left in many states that week, just enough to remind us that mother nature Rules the fate of many a poor creature on this little blue marble.

Yesterday I woke to snow.  Lots of it, falling in such  a thick blanket I could barely see across the street.  It lasted one hour and departed leaving an invitation to come play.  In the next hour while G2 and I got ready to accept the invitation that not so lazy old sun came out and took it all away and in fact brought the temperature all the way to a lovely spring day of 15 (C) or 59 (F).  Okay, thought I, spring play it is!

Well an hour later old man winter gathered enough strength to battle the spring prone sun to lay another blanket of the fluffly white stuff.  “Snow angels,” yelled G2, “Lets make snow angels!”

Ah but this time of year the forces of nature support a more springly appearance and once again the sun bore down with warmth and summoned the winds to carry away the old man and his mantle of winter.

It was quite a display of changing seasons again and again all within a few hours between breakfast and lunch.

This morning I went out to greet the day and its sun.  It is minus 7 (C) or 19 (F) and all seems calm but since tomorrow is supposed to be 13 (C) or 55 (F)  I expect there will be another battle and this time I think Spring will hold the line.  In fact this very morning I am pretty sure I saw the first robin.  Her orange breast looked pretty puffed up so I quickly did the traditional lick of my right folded underfist and slammed it into my left palm while making a wish.  I kept wondering after if it really was to soon for the harbinger of spring and hope I have not wasted a perfectly good spit and wish on a masquerading dove!

Image of the Frozen North

We are a little confused here in the Frozen North.  I am not talking about the Arctic but southern Ontario Canada. Of course we are not ‘the Frozen North’ to everyone but I do have friends of the non-Canuck variety who think anything beginning with ‘Cana’ and ending with ‘da’ qualifies.

We should be in a winter freeze by now and while many of us complain about the Jack Frostiness of the season we accept it.  Never mind those of the ski and snow board ilk who are spending their time sadly going through photos of the past (last year) and telling their children of the good old days when we had white stuff on roads, walks, driveways and hills.  Naturally the purveyors of winter sports are suffering mightily and hopefully Santa did not leave any sleighs under Christmas trees in this part of the world.

The green green grass of home remains so, appearing more like spring than winter. Even, or maybe more so, nature is thoroughly confused.  We have a very old beautiful Magnolia tree in the back yard that has buds on it as pictured here.  The poor thing doesn’t know what it should be doing.

Magnolia Tree with Buds

Now the pic of the Playhouse is the same regardless of season but I couldn’t resist adding it.  My son built it a few years ago for G1 and my DIL painted it free hand.  Pretty impressive I think.

Scooby Play House

Oh and the kitty?  Well that is Jewels who has laid claim to the laptop tray.  She is pleasant enough although she is deaf so she has no idea of the volume of her meows.  We have two other white cats, one called Scout actually just came to live with us, is three years old and affectionate.  Then there is Jack who has been here a few years and who since Scout arrived has taken a dislike to me, swiping at my legs when I walk by him.  Perhaps he thinks I brought Scout in.  Scout is a male also so perhaps there is a territory thing going on.  With all of this we have poor Bree our one year old yellow lab.  She is lovely, affectionate and completely over run by the felines.