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Just a germ of an idea..

eThe Germ…the idea germinating in the back of my mind.

I find I do not endorse the way Healthcare is moving today.

Everyone spouts care and dignity for our sick and elderly, but it just ain’t happening.  Employers have a heavy handed way with healthcare staff.

Companies do not seem to realize the best way for genuine care and caring for the infirm is that staff need to be shown the same care and caring.
If staff are valued and treated with respect and caring then by George those they care for will already have the best care.

Just because people are fed and kept clean – in most cases, let us not delude ourselves that we are giving them the best.  We are not.
Staff Are disrespected to the nth degree.  A big part of the problem is that senior administration feels they must laud their superiority over them.

Somewhere we have lost the idea that happy staff give more of themselves to the patient, client, resident, the company or  whatever the current term becomes.
I think healthcare should be run like Westjet.  The best of customer service and recognition of for a job well done.  I recently had an Administrator who told me I was too nice.  My friendly relationships with the union was construed by her to be a weakness.  “They are not your friends” she said.  Somehow she lost sight of the fact that while the unions are not our friends, the best possible and successful union/managements are done in a friendly open minded atmosphere.  

Good Heavens we are not giving them controlling rights in business.  But we must respect that any signed contract makes it our contract as much of the unions.  Over the years I have encountered companies that trumpet wonderful mottos such as; It is an honor to serve the sick, and we believe in RESPECT.  Every company has them: glorious words on a page that says Look See how wonderful We are.  I have never met a company yet that lives their beliefs.  Well that is not entirely true.  I have worked for two organizations that came pretty close.
All people, whether they are employees or residents or clients or patients  are entitled to respect and care. If we the leaders in healthcare are unable to deliver these two things then how can we expect our People to do it.
We have removed The Joy Factor from the workplace.
It is my intention to find a way to do it.  It is still a very small germ of an idea.  It still happens in small business I think but there has to be a way of taking it big. 

Those persistent niggling thoughts..

This is January 11th, 2011
If my prayers and meditation say that my vocation is not my right time for my purpose, that there is more, then that is my focus then What is my purpose?  What do I need to be doing?  I have been practicing saying out loud that I am retired.  The fact is I think I am not.
All of my experiences must be the key.  I knew as a child that I would be a nurse.
The thought came to be, clear as a bell when I was fourteen and walking up the back steps of my church.  Out of the blue.  I was puzzled by it and wondered consciously how that would ever happen.  Then I put it out of my mind, A because I had no idea how that would come about, and B because something deep inside said not to worry about it.  So I did not.  Matter of fact I don’t think I ever considered it again.
Years later toward the end of high school someone put a small advert for nurses training in my hand and I just mailed it in. Voilà it happened.
I have a germ of an idea in the back of my mind.  It began with a small tickling that caught my curiosity. The problem is, it’s in the back of my mind, and not one I would normally pursue, however I must give it time and contemplate quietly to give it a chance to blossom.
I find myself excited to find out what it is.


Nuts I missed yesterday’s post. Not because the day was hectic or anything like that. I seem to be falling into a very relaxed lifestyle which had it benefits last week, but the vacation in my mind has to change. Today I must start a more vigorous schedule.

I now truly have time to do some domestic clean up that I normally would not have time for. I also need to plan a schedule with purpose.

So here I go!

Post a day?

Strangest thing ..I have posted each day but the displayed dates are wonkie?

Today I found support where I thought there was none.
Being home is strange and while I have not accomplished a lot around the house I have kept busy.

I read something this morning about manifesting and 100 positive thoughts, so thought I would write that many. I have gotten to 59 and realize it may take one more day to complete. I started each one with “I have always known…”. It is fun and an exercise I recommend to anyone.

The Second day…

The second day

The second day of the challenge.  The second day of the new year.  So far so good but of course this has been the weekend and tomorrow I face my fear.  Someone who can suck the joy of life right out of you with just a look.  And of course someone who has the authority to do it.

So I started reading The 90 Day Manifest.  In just those few days anyone is supposed to overcome their fears and manifest prosperity, health and an all around good life.  It all depends on the right attitude.  Certainly I need the help to deal with this person.  I used to have it…the sparkle.  Not sure how I lost it but will let you know how the manifesting goes!

Endings or Beginnings?

I guess before I can move into this delicious new year I should take stock of where we ended.  Sort of a status report.
D&K are getting ready to move west.  And she is warming up to the idea of retiring in June.  Lucky girl!
B&K are settling well into their new life in the village.
J started last year sixty-four pounds heavier than she is now.
A my bro I have not seen much of and I plan to change that.
D&S I have not seen near enough of either.  Another important change to make.
L is heading to Hawaii this month.
P a dear friend, I also want to see more of.
P2 is also heading to Hawaii.
Me…I am on the brink of new exciting days.

And everyone one of us went through personal hell this past year.  More tears than laughter.  We all survived.  A little broken and bruised for sure but surviving.

New Year Fun! Everyday!

I love a challenge.  I almost forgot that in the turmoil of 2010.  So when I read the wordpress challenge to post a day I did not consider it until a little voice reminded me.

It took me by surprise because I had stopped listening to that little voice AND because it had been ages since I felt any true excitement about anything. 

But the idea of making a daily commitment woke me up.  Maybe because it is achievable.  Although life’s lessons have taught me anything is achievable if you believe.  This past year my believe capability has been beaten out of me.    I want me back.  I used to sparkle.  Maybe just maybe?