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Something new to learn..

Following the Manual

Jafree Ozwald and Margot Faher wrote a book called The Manifest Manual.  I bought the book on line since I could use a little serious manifesting and I had been receiving some tidbits by email over the last few months.

The book has fourteen chapters and I have perused the book and am now ready to read it.  I love to read but not wanting to waste my time, I read through each book quickly.  If it gets my interest then I read through again.

The book promises a lot…if you follow it exactly.  Well tomorrow I start and will post what I get from each chapter each day.  Let’s see what lies ahead!

Secret..Manifesting…and me…

Secrets and Manifesting and ….

About fourteen months ago, just before Christmas I was feeling a little lost, or down, or blah or whatever the choice word descriptions are these days.  My job of the previous few years had been challenging, but one I enjoyed until a bright – or maybe not so bright new manager convinced our company owner that he would drive us to inspiration in Recruitment by convincing her to slash all our salaries by thirty percent.  Now that had a not so surprising reaction from all affected who decided instead that we would do thirty percent less work.  Well almost all of us as one little bunny took it to heart and worked relentlessly to succeed.

Anyway having lived to the extent of my income this hit me where it hurts..namely the wallet.  And that definitely is NOT fun.  I was checking out some sales for Christmas presents, and being one woman who seems to have been born without a true shopping gene I usually drifted to a book store and latte.

The signs of my malaise were…well malaise, hopelessness about the future in general and a general internal pout that I hoped was not evident to others. For the first time in years I was also experiencing huge flare ups, or exacerbations of my old companion Fibromyalgia. So pain had settled in for a long stay.Oh and to meet my lifestyle I began to live more on credit cards and line of credit.  Perhaps a little more recklessly than necessary, but certainly in keeping with my personality.

One day in a bookstore of course I came upon The 
Secret by Byrne.  Having heard some hype and general discussion on the subject I decided to purchase mostly out of curiosity. 

So I settled down one Saturday morning curled up on the sofa to read. What can I say.  I was immediately glued to every word, every page. I read through all of that day and far into the night – not unusual for me when something catches my attention.  When exhaustion forced surrender to the land of nod I closed my eyes for a few short hours. 
The moment my eyes opened in the morning I was immersed immediately back in the book.

After thirty six hour of this I came out a different person,  My attitude changed and I greeted each day with confident, joy and anticipation.  Outlook changed, days were brighter,  I was filled with passion.  Wow and my life changed!

That was the start and it has been a journey of awareness. And that is what this series of blogs will be about.Cause there is a whole lot more to follow.

Love the date…..

Loving the date…

I love writing the date.  There is something about writing and saying two thousand and eleven.  It is a lucky year for me and I am filled with anticipation.  

I do have to kick it up a notch though in setting up a routine. This nice non-stressed feeling that has persisted since the afternoon of January third could end up a slippery slope into lethargy. We do not need soul breaking stress in our lives but we do need some level of positive stress, some challenge, something that makes us anticipate, to work toward some Goal.  At the end of the day there has to be some sense of accomplishment.

I have noted over the years that some retirees work toward That Day.  Then with no sustaining interests or motivations they decline, age quickly and slip nicely into a pocket of society we see everyday. The light, the sparkle in their eyes dies out long before they depart this earth.  One of the most rewarding parts of my career was bringing cheer, comfort and a smile or laugh and seeing that sparkle, even for a moment. That is what I want to continue to do.  It is the part of me, the nurse that made it all worthwhile.  And somehow I will.



It’s Sunday January 16, 2011.  I have been more committed to the idea of exercise.

So who isn’t you ask? 

This year my approach has been much more relaxed probably because my days are less stressed and there is more time.  I swim laps and do stretches.  To get to my pool in my building I pass through the gym.  The first week of the year the place was packed with huffers and puffers fulfilling their resolutions. By yesterday there was just one still carrying on.  Brave chap.

All the areas around my city have been hit with massive snowstorms but for some reason we have been spared. Just enough snow and no blistery winds so walking outside has been a pleasure.  Sort of takes me back to childhood.

I am fortunate to have the time to partake of these little luxuries.  Past years meant trying to include a harried workout into my already hectic schedule. Thus I have a more peaceful mind going in and out.

I have been working on an idea that feels right regarding retirement affordability and it is starting to come together.

Updates:  D&K are in Arizona, B&K getting ready to sell their second home, R in Scotland is doing well in her retirement, J is down 78 pounds and thriving, and me…am off to my fav country hotel today to hear Patsy Cline…or a reasonable representation of her by a very talented lady!

Have a good day all!!