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Hard and Fast Rules


hahrd-n-fast, –fahst ]

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strongly binding; not to be set aside or violated: hard-and-fast rules

I had a wandering thought this morning, as many of mine are, about hard and fast rules. I can ‘t tell you why as that was many hours ago. But the thought stuck.

Perhaps it came from remembering a discussion with someone awhile ago about strict upbringings.

Or perhaps it came from another discussion about firm-minded (I won’t say closed) and open-mindedness.

And then the question came: are people who are firm-minded and have hard and fast rules likely to have a stronger moral compass?

I fall on the softer side of everything. But I admire those others. I used to strive to be more that way, and actually made progress over the years.

But now I just play at it. I mean I am retired. I maintain a schedule of sorts, Things to do, people to see, on a regular basis. If I ever had any hard and fast rules I can’t remember them now.

I like being open-minded about things. To consider other perspectives. I don’t think that makes me wishy-washy, but there is always a danger of that.

Tell me, please:

Are you firm-minded? Have you ever had hard and fast rules?

I wish I had. I think it builds strong character. I never grew up in a home with hard and fast rules. Oh. Wait. Maybe I did. HMM