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Where is Spatial Visualization When You Need It?

Where is Spatial Visualization When You Need It?

Thinking in pictures. Conceptualizing. Imagination with application. Good taste.  Classic lines. Feng Shui.  Positive Energy flow.

Heck, I am throwing ideas/things out there like partially cooked spaghetti against a wall, hoping something sticks.

Genes genes the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you …oops that’s beans not genes.  In my search for perfection or even comfortable mediocrity  I am forced to accept the gifts I have naught, as in ‘missed the train on that one’.

I am presented with a lovely living, creative, work  space in my son and DIL’s home and I am bereft, befuddled, beyond the ability to organize.  You see, I have no talent.  None.  In fact my good taste gene is so deficient I do not even have the skill to copy another.

Now maybe you can help.  Please visualize.  The room is rectangular and while actually measuring would be rather mundane I can describe it as a nice chip shot length, say 9 yards by a comfortable putt of 5 yards.

I have ‘things’ to place in the room and no idea where to begin because the flow of energy through the current design is nothing more than the bump and grind of error.

By days end there will be some sense of order, of comfort and no doubt a good degree of exhaustion, because thinking in areas where you were never meant to be is taxing on a soul who was I am sure destined to have all and sundry ready to do her bidding.  Reality bites.  Truly.

In Real Life…5 Minute Friday

In Real Life for 5 minute Friday

5 Minutes to speak….

In Real Life there is no happy ever after without acceptance and unwavering love.

In Real Life we cannot heal the pain and sorrow of the world without starting with one person, one place, one time.

In Real Life a moment in time endures far longer than the glitz of movie drama.

In Real Life the fabric of our existence is so interwoven there is no beginning or end, there just is.

In Real Life the answers are not presented neatly and all problems are not solved.

In Real Life our humaness is the best, the worst, the strongest, the weakest the all.  Each of us makes Real Life what it is.  Problem is sometimes we cannot figure out what we are making until the time is long past and we catch a view of it in the rear view mirror.  

Two Weeks

Two Weeks

What have I done?  

For the life of me it feels like I have climbed mountains, swam oceans, dog sledded to both poles, north and south, discovered new planets, personally, one by one,travelled parallel universes, leaped tall buildings in a single jump, righted wrongs and resettled the earth on it’s axis, when in fact, all I did was move.

To go into microscopic detail would just sound like a major whine and snivel unworthy of acknowledgement.  Most frustrating was my failed determination to document my adventures daily, believing I would ‘catch up tomorrow’, never a good idea.  I knew daily postings were not realistic unless I was prepared to bombard y’all with daily…so exhausteds… but figured I could use that info for future posts.

So since the 23rd….moved to Hamilton, returned to steam clean and visit family/friends for few days, unpack, relaxed, then realized car full of boxes so have not finished completely, went to cottage with G1 & G2 for five exhausting days, got home and returned to Kitchener for family/friends events and back again to prepare for first day of school…which is today.

Good thing my son is scheduled home today because here I sit, Walk-in Clinic prisoner, waiting for medical assistance in dislodging ear wax (cerumen)  believe it or not, which has rendered my right ear mostly deaf.  Don’t even consider asking…there is no way I can turn that into any kind of entertaining tale.  Had I known I would have dressed a little more impressive and put some, or a lot of make up, but that particular supply bucket is at home, as my intention on leaving the house this morning was to take G1 to school.  Period.

Just been shown into doc’s office….maybe just maybe…
Computer not hooked up yet..still using iPad so capability  is limited..but ever optimistic!

R&R and Time For Blogs, Reading and Writing

R&R and Time For Blogs, Reading and Writing

Hectic hectic week following the move but leaving shortly for the north and cottage for a few days where my intent is to enjoy time catching up on reading and doing some enjoyable work for my friend.  Time to get organized, get my footing, get balanced….all of the things that seem to have fallen by the wayside.

So looking forward to getting some semblance of normal once I figure out what it is!

Is That a Light at the End of the Tunnel Or……

Is That a Light at the End of the Tunnel or….

I used to love the whole idea of a light at the end of the tunnel – the tunnel being a long and arduous path, some great feat, challenge or test of endurance – and then one day someone commented that instead of it being a light of attainment it just might be a train coming straight at you.

I am still in the tunnel!  As per my previous post on activities which included a Christmas party in August and moving, events are trotting along.

The party was amazing, organized by my two nephews and their Dad.  Two fire pits grilling corn on the cob and beef and chicken and enough salads of every imaginable kind.  And desserts.  Lots of desserts.

My nephew’s country property sports a pool, swings, slides and a trampoline that kept the youngest generation in giggles for hours and triggered tears in the youngest when it was time to go.  A great big Santa stood proudly in the midst.  G1 and G2 could not make it as the whole house came down with a bug but a good time was had by all who did.

That was Saturday and Tuesday was THE MOVE.   I am in awe of anyone who does a move well.  I have gotten settled in..sort of… but must return tomorrow for final clean up which of course is in the  midst of more social activity – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Muscles I did not even know I had hurt….okay I probably do not have them but pain has settled where they should be.  I keep thinking I must look toned and ripped but a glance in the mirror, when it cannot be avoided, just reveals an exhausted not so hot looking shadow of who I think I am.

I can’t quite see the light yet but at least there are no train whistles.

Jack Layton

Sometimes we think we are too busy then something happens that makes us stop.

Busy times are afoot but on this day I must take time to honor Jack Layton.  Here in Canada Jack was a politician who never left a bad taste in your mouth when you spoke his name.

He was a gentle man, a positive politician who could, and did scrap with the best of them.

We did not always share the same point of view but admiration for him was a constant.  He was decent and how unusual it was that he could survive the political arena for so long?  Unfortunately there is not a single other out there that can be identified as decent.

This is a critical time in the politics and history of the world and Canada is the worse for his loss.

Paul Dewar, the NDP’s foreign affairs critic, described Mr. Layton’s heart “as big as a prairie sky who offered hope at a time when many people were turned off by cynicism in politics.”

Mr. Dewar also recalled his indefatigable optimism and drive: “As many witnessed time and time again Jack dreamed no little dream and when someone said ‘you can’t do that’ to Jack he would smile that smile and just work harder to prove them wrong.”

Quick and Wonderful

Quick and Wonderful

The time is short and in my quest to perfect my procrastination I am about to embark on a feat attempted by only the bravest of fools.

I move Tuesday and have had plenty of time, emphasis on plenty here, to prepare.  Alas one of my genetic misfires that has increased with the march of time is organization.  I had it once upon a time.  Perhaps I inadvertently  packed it.  Anyway three sleeps to go and lots to do on a weekend filled with social obligations.  Go figure.

Fridays are dedicated to the garden my sisters and I have at the country home of my brother and his wife.  We toil in the soil then sit sipping while my brother barbecues and SIL serves up the results of said toil.  It takes hours to eat, drink and laugh, so no packing there.

Today is our family Christmas Party.  Uhuh.  We are a very social group and the challenges of getting multiple generations together indoors in December has become difficult.  So being the Einstein minds we are it was decided to hold the party in August where my nephew has a lovely large property and pool.  My Sis and her daughter had a big cake made with a Santa and Merry Christmas written across it.  That caused interest in the store when we picked it up!  So this day is spoken for.

I have been reading as many of my fav blogs as possible but not commenting or posting very much but come Tuesday a new era starts!!

My friend Joss Burnell at has invited me to play The Seven Links Challenge and I am so pumped but can only do so once the move is complete. (that’s my Mommy gene making me do that me do that!)

Missing you all my delicious woodcraft friends but looking forward to catching up on all your posts next week when I can take the time to savor!  I know I will have plenty of time then – I have it in my organizer!

Lower Than a Snake’s Belly on a Hot Rock

Lower Than a Snake’s Belly On a Hot Rock

This is a phrase I started using when I lived in South Texas and have no idea if I coined it myself or picked it up during some southern redneck exchange but I love it; the sound of the words, the feel, the completeness of it and Lord the warmth of it.

See I spit it out one day to express that I was a bit down and as soon as those words were out of my mouth a miracle of sorts occurred.  I laughed and chortles were chortled around me.  Heck I felt better!

With a smile in my heart I examined what it meant – such an odd thing to say I thought- but such a delightful truth.  I mean how low can you go and still feel good and feelin good is what I like.  Why through fear and sadness and joy I allow, no I make myself enjoy the misery or elation to the hilt.  I’m not exactly a drama queen although there are folk who may argue that point.  Hmmm maybe…sometimes but I prefer to think of it as exuberance.

Truth be told it was much more so in my younger years which probably  started, oh let’s see, around birth, having learned very young that I love to make people laugh.  Slip a little comment into a conversation and boom, instant mirth.  Sure makes the moment better.

“How are you?”

“Lower than a snake’s belly on a hot rock.”

I loved it and was just a shade miffed if  in fact I was swell and had to admit it by saying I am well.

Now I love rednecks and all folk of a different bent; unique thinkers, wordsmiths, otherworldly minds, rebels by choice or by genetic misfires who spurt out something different making you stop and realize you just heard something genius muttered.  I figure because they give us a different view, not locked in by anything they are all a breath of fresh air in a world of propriety and staidness.

Young children have a way of doing that.

Funny I love that phrase so much cause I hate slithering retiles.  Cannot even look directly at them, which by the way makes the last Harry Potter film difficult to watch, and is annoying to those around me as with eyes cast down I keep asking, “Is it gone yet?”

But just think about it.  Feeling so low you must stretch out and let the warmth soothe you.  Well out of that can only come renewal.  Embrace the moment that is.  If you must be sad, glad, fearful do it well then let it go.

Sunday Morning Epiphany

Sunday Morning Epiphany

I have been thinking about contentment and wondering where the spice of life jumped off my mind rack.

It’s funny that it would be on my mind and that thinking about it would be such a challenge and it is.  The very thought today is niggling and wriggling and just out of grasp of making sense.  And then the clouds of confusion parted as I read my blogs of wisdom and mirth and more wisdom.

BOOM! Right in front of my eyes Susan at writes:
“So often I hear people talking about being content as if that’s a good thing.”

Whaaat?  It may not be a good thing?  In fifteen words she once again rocked my world.  You see at this juncture in my life I thought the goal was contentment.  Immediately I scolded myself for stupidity, for short sightedness, for allowing a fall into the abyss of paths lost.

I know better than that but somehow I lost sight of the fact that contentment like happiness cannot ever be the goal.  It is the product of our work of our actions.  It is a reward.  We must do we must not just be.

Well Susan, that changes everything in my life.  Everything.  So now I am off to do, to achieve, to live, to accomplish.

And may all of you do wonderful things today also!

I For An Eye and No Mayo

I For an Eye and no Mayo

It’s 9:56 am and feels way too early which may sound strange since I have been waking at 6ish each morning and dashing off to the track full of vim and vigor, a brain brighter than the newest star or the last burst of a dying one.

Like a newborn babe struggling to get the feel, the flow of life, my days and nights are off.  Night before last my mind would not rest until I blogged so it was post midnight by the time I finished which still would have been okay but in opening the doors to the barn to let a few horses out I accidentally welcomed a fresh herd of ideas that kept me up til early light.  I slept until nine and actually woke refreshed and had a very comfortable feeling day.

Now my expectation was that I would self correct last night and would have had vile, delicious temptation not reared it’s ugly head.

My name is Chris King and I have an addiction.  Reading, reading reading.
I have become strong enough that I can actually put down a good book for bit and have learned that bedtime routine reading should be interesting but not gripping, unless it is something I can complete in a short time.  Short stories work well for this. Currently my pre sleep angel is Stephen Hawking.  Read a bit, snuggle down and dream of space, time, universes and the fact that most of this science is supposition, but oh so intriguing in a Disney Fantasy Land sort of way.

But my daytime fare, Clive Cussler/Justin Scott came to mind briefly as I was about to roll over the ledge of consciousness to restful, restorative slumbers, and I congratulated myself on my strength in resisting an all nighter with ‘The Spy’.

I tell you I felt like a Stepford Wife (the movie version with Nicole Kidman,which I love).  Somewhere in an alternate universe Christopher Walken was throwing a switch triggering my electrical system into action independent of my sanity.  I found myself, entirely against my will I assure you, pulling back from the precipice of comfortable slumber and getting up, walking to another room to get my fix.

Oh and the Title of this?  Well I slept in till 8:30 forgetting I was taking my sister to the Eye Doc so did not get any time for brekkie.  Right next door to the office is a Wendy’s.  Unlike every other fast food who provides breakfast fare, this establishment does not. Oh and they have no mayo for the sandwich…it was still good in a lunchy sort of way.

So here I sit with a spicy chicken burger and coffee while sis gets her eyes checked and really all I want to do is get back to my book.  Maybe for lunch I will have breakfast.

Forecast: Tired today so all systems should self correct tonight due to a 90% chance of exhaustion?