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The Time has come

In light of the latest act of terrorism I have decided it is time to draw a line. There is little I, one insignificant person can do that will make a difference, but if we all take this step it will help.


From now on all posts that lash out to anyone will be deleted and I will sadly unfollow that person. If I follow you now it is because you mean something to me and are treasured. But spewing forth: hatred for immigrants, politicians, fat people, thin people, Walmart in pyjama people, will be deleted. Expressions of Hate and Scorn embolden and spur those on to Despicable Actions, who might otherwise have not acted.


If you disagree with something or someone then act on it by becoming part of the solution. There is no place for vitriol. It is a tool of Evil. And Evil strives for Chaos and Discontent and Hatred. And all of these become stronger with expression.

Jack Layton

Sometimes we think we are too busy then something happens that makes us stop.

Busy times are afoot but on this day I must take time to honor Jack Layton.  Here in Canada Jack was a politician who never left a bad taste in your mouth when you spoke his name.

He was a gentle man, a positive politician who could, and did scrap with the best of them.

We did not always share the same point of view but admiration for him was a constant.  He was decent and how unusual it was that he could survive the political arena for so long?  Unfortunately there is not a single other out there that can be identified as decent.

This is a critical time in the politics and history of the world and Canada is the worse for his loss.

Paul Dewar, the NDP’s foreign affairs critic, described Mr. Layton’s heart “as big as a prairie sky who offered hope at a time when many people were turned off by cynicism in politics.”

Mr. Dewar also recalled his indefatigable optimism and drive: “As many witnessed time and time again Jack dreamed no little dream and when someone said ‘you can’t do that’ to Jack he would smile that smile and just work harder to prove them wrong.”