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No news is …….

I can’t really say there is no news but, to be more accurate nothing that catches my interest.

My last post was about less thinking and more about doing. And then a blogging buddy, Basia left a comment saying, ‘sometimes it is perfectly okay to sit and do nothing.’

And I thought, ‘YES!’ No, not like that, more of a quiet ‘yes’.

Every now and then I do a bit of meditating, usually choosing something from YouTube, and I slow down. Less doing. Less thinking.

Doing nothing can be restorative.

I did check out the local paper for news ideas.

So there were things to discuss. Just not today.

We have about a month left of summer, but Autumn is in the air and that is traditionally a time for this Canadian to begin a slow-down. A grounding as it were. And it feels good

Headlines Schmedlines

A quiet Sunday here at North of 43. Almost to the point of boredom. But not quite. Calls for a light review of some headlines.

Jennifer Lopez Shares First Photos From Wedding to Ben Affleck: “We Did It

I wish this couple well but good grief, enough already.

After two years in a coma, West Virginia woman wakes to name brother in attack

Now that is the surprise of all surprises. Apparently the brother was surprised when police showed up but not really.

Cameron Smith takes ‘boring’ route to top of British Open leader board

Listen, this young guy won at St. Andrews. World famous. The original gold course. Whoever chose the word ’boring’ in this headline needs a boring smack.

West Virginia Baby Born at 7-Eleven on July 11 Gifted with Freebies as Parents Get Coffee for Years

Having given birth, I can say this is not a prize worth the labour

A beginner’s guide to walking your cat

I have had lots of cats. Why would anyone walk a cat?

Barbie launches Jane Goodall doll, and it comes with a chimpanzee

Finally a Barbie worth something.

So that’s it from here. May you all find some peace and at least a bit of humour

Stupid News

Photo by Madison Inouye on

CBC NEWS -Ottawa police say they’re ready to shut down Canada Day occupation attempts – *this is expected to be a unique Canada Day, with larger crowds and a larger event footprint,” interim Ottawa police Chief Steve Bell said during a Monday news conference.

It seems the nice polite Canadian is a thing of the past. We have gone from peaceful demonstrations to occupations, not designed to protest or to make a point but to make the ordinary surrounding citizenry suffer and be terrorized. We learned that from the Trucker’s Convoy, which lost them a lot of support including mine. And what the heck is an event footprint?

REUTERS – Pro-life is not just opposing abortion, Vatican says after U.S. ruling. By Philip Pullella

Not sure exactly what the point is here. Well, the surface stuff sure but does that mean RvW should not have been overturned? I know, I know, the reporting just seemed a bit odd. But it could be that I am just cranky.

The GLOBE AND MAIL – ALBERTA Swearing an oath to the Queen a violation of religious freedoms, prospective lawyer says in lawsuit

AH – now they’re picking on our Queen.

And this: the absolute worst

My country t’is of thee. Good grief. Mr. Teflon gets away with the things he should not, but for leaders of the G7 to demonstrate their kindergarten-level brain power in public is a shame. Hey fellas’ instead of acting like five year olds, how about at least pretending to try and solve world crises (yeah that’s the plural), like families who cannot feed their children right here in Canada, and on and on ad nasueam.

*** Before anyone decides they want to debate any of these points I will just say – I am definitely cranky. So just give me this one tantrum

Entertainment that Entertains

Let Me Entertain You

Today’s post on AWA talks about an entertainment rarely seen today. No vulgarity, though there may be a hint of naughtiness, lots of genuine laughter that even the performers seem to enjoy, no political statements – just entertainment that leaves you feeling relaxed, as though you have just had a rejuvenating spa. A remedy if you will.

When I was very young, you know, mid last century, no matter how busy the day, my mother finished by watching The Eleven O’clock News. No matter that the next day started a scant five or six hours later, she and The Day could not be put to bed before The Eleven O’clock News. Then, properly informed of Local, National, International, and Weather, in that order, she went to sleep.

People today, living in a society where so-called News is available twenty-four hours a day, (and believe me, anything available twenty-four hours a day is suspect -filler rather than quality – dressing rather than actual factual – mindless chatter and speculation with a spin, to keep You the Viewer entertained, to line pockets for the 1%). Oh my, I sense a possible rant there. Yikes.

Anyway, the point is that by nine something last night I had to make a decision, watch nothing notable in the couple of hours before bed, listen to an audio book whilst knitting something of note, or find something to cheer a dark and wintery night.

Betty White

Since Betty White’s death, days before her one hundredth birthday last month, I have taken to watching her scenes and shows on YouTube. And I have laughed. So speaking into my magic TV remote, ’YouTube Betty White’ I instantly had a large selection of humour before me.Betty White

Well, I focused (none of the multitasking we all brag about and think is a good thing when it isn’t), just mirth and real laughter. I watched some hilarious skits from shows then it segued into a Sonny and Cher show on which BW appeared. Sonny & Cher.

Sonny and Cher

And the entertainment went up a notch. S&C always started their show with a song and a humorous chat. This particular episode (45 minutes of mirth) was after their divorce, about which they chatted and joked, and BW danced, sang, and did delicious skits.

I had forgotten what Entertainment was – real entertainment as in:

Let me entertain you/ Let me make you smile’ the lyrics from Gypsy

Quite a lovely way to end my day

May you find a bit of mirth and peace and laughter today on this February 3rd, 2022 at north of 43Chris G

Drinks with that News?

Say, do we need 24 hour news coverage?

It occurs to me that it contributes in no small way to the rampant anxiety that is so pervasive worldwide. January 1st I decided, quite spontaneously, to embrace Dry January, the international campaign mostly embraced by the U.K., France, and Switzerland. Now approaching the last day of the month I have noticed subtle and not so subtle benefits.

I did not swear to not drink for a month, but decided on the one-day-at-a-time approach. No angst, just did it. The intent was not to quit drinking forever, but to have a brain and body reset. Will I drink in February? I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem like an important issue.

So then I wondered what else I might try for February. And the thought came with early morning light as I reached for my iPad to check the News from a number of sources, and found myself quite anxious at what I would find. And. Realized this happens several times a day.

So, I don’t believe in hiding your head in the sand from what is happening but I think I will start with the News once a day. Perhaps in the evening. I”ll figure it out as I go.

You see, I think News is no longer something that is just reported. I think once news became ‘24 hour’ accessible, it had to be pumped up to Grab Attention and Inflame Passions. And. Is. A. Major. Contributing. Factor. In World. Angst. I think legitimate investigative reporting has become Sleezy Attention Grabbing Passion Inflaming designed to ….?

So off to a adventure. I guess it all comes down to taking back control of my life and mind in small ways.

I Love a Rainy Day

Unlike the Carpenters‘ Rainy Days and Mondays song always getting them down, I like rainy days.  The kind of day that begs for hibernation, curling up with books, and reflective thoughts of life.

When I awoke this morning to that delicious half light that accompanies immane cloud cover (BTW immane is a new word I learned – means monstrous, huge), my consciousness cuddled with my soul and prepared for one nice snuggy day.

I love skies filled with clouds (note I say that while staying in and looking out.  Not unlike my admiration for snow filled days also).  The best clouds in the sky photos are taken by my friend Celi so pop over here at thekitchensgarden to have a boo at this header.  

*and catch up on her farmy adventures!  Below is one of Celi’s skies.

Celi's sky

I must admit that retirement has rendered me one of the lowest maintenance gals around.  My needs are simple.  Gone is the need to impress anyone, including to dress to impress, to speak to impress, or anything else of the ‘ess’.

Especially days like this.  Some tea, clouds, and of course reading material.  I figure I will never run out of material because push come to shove I can make up my own.  But I love well written books and my sources are many.

One of the most exciting things I did this year was to make an effort to get out of my comfort zone in the literary world.  I know what I like.  But this year at the encouragement of my dear dear New Zealand blogging and Skype buddy, Judith who chooses how she will spend each day and who started another blog near and dear to her heart, about of course, books and more book 2017. I ventured out to other sorts of books.  I am glad I did!  I just wish I kept track of every book just to impress the daylights out of you. OH! forget the ‘impress’ anything.

Another wonderful source that soothes is Joss Burnel, words to live by, breathe by, dream by and who has found Eden in Ecuador.


Quiet days like this means leisurely perusing the news.  So today I see that Vancouver has beaten Toronto as the most expensive in Canada to live.  Of little matter to one such as I but an interesting fact.

Also Canadian, is that in a bar in Dawson City, Yukon, you can buy what is known as a ‘sourtoe cocktail’ and that said toe is a truly mummified toe that must touch your lips as you drink your cocktail, AND that said toe was stolen, AND that the alleged thief sent a letter to the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) saying that he had returned the toe to the bar by mail. And you think we Canucks don’t have news?

Next I read an article that the approaching solar eclipse is expected to cause a terrestrial problem for us.  It seems it will cause a 70% reduction in energy output which will in turn put stress on regular old energy production.  If you rely on solar power, we are forewarned that at 2:30pm on Monday August 21st production will drop.

Well, other than a fine chap from the Ottawa area who won 22 million dollars in one of our lotteries, and who is NOT related to me, or is one of the people on this earth who adores me, but intends to benefit others with his win, I think I am finished with news.

I will make another cuppa, work a bit on my own creative endeavor, and then resume reading. AHHH lots to be grateful for.


A Sad Day in the Neighbourhood

Image representing Kijiji as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

About a week ago, on May 6, 2013, Timothy Bosma 32 took 2 men out for a ride to test drive his truck he was selling.
He never returned. One ‘suspect’ Dellan Millard is in custody identified first by a unique “Ambition wrist tattoo.

Tim’s truck was found on Dellan’s mother’s property, his cell phone found, and sadly this morning Tim’s burned body was found on one of Dellan’s properties. The man who police report is remaining silent, no doubt feels his wealth will protect him, and in this very unjust life we live, it very well may.

Tim leaves behind a young wife and young child.

Now this is important – Tim was selling his truck on Kijiji.  There is currently an advert by Kijiji running on TV that says ”’so and so sold his truck on Kijiji”’ and what a wonderful way to do it.

If you must sell anything, please take precautions.

Take a photo of potential customers and their licences and do not ever go with them.

Always have someone else with you when making direct contact.

It is preferable if  you do not meet them at your home.

I have never sold anything on line yet so please do tell me of other safety measures I can follow.

It seems it wasn’t that long ago that someone on Craigs List lured men to his garage where he killed them.  It isn’t always the buyer that can be dangerous.

By the way, Kijiji continues to run the ad.

Oh, and the lawyer for the accused says his client is 100% innocent.