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A Pleasant Day

Yesterday was – A pleasant day, nothing special, but one one that ranks up right up there.

It started off with our Monday morning group meeting at our Cafe and our usual setting the problems of the world aright. A lovely group with accompanying views, light and serious discussion, and a healthy dose of laughter sprinkled throughout. I always leave feeling a bit lighter.

One of our favourite corners

Then a stimulating chat on FaceTime where the interesting conversation continued about how conversation of a group changes depending on who is taking part. In this case it was about an near nonagenarian who had been a lifelong spinster who was absent and how the discussions were different than when this very interesting lady was present. Not better, but different. A different focus. I guess. Does that make sense? Have you ever observed something similar?

Then an interesting email came in. Yesterday I had purchased a bottle of Chardonnay by a noted Canadian from our Niagara Peninsula..

Our Niagara Wineries are world famous. Anyway, I treated myself to a wine a little more expensive than what I would normally buy and went off home to enjoy. Except I could not open the bottle. The cap and the shield over the cap just spun, right, left, and all around. The photo shows cling wrap I used to maintain the integrity of the wine.

Eventually I got it open, and decided to send a email to alert the winery of my difficulty. In a most pleasant way of course. That always results in the best response. Anyway, a response came in from the nicest lady who asked for a bit more info from the bottle so they could check the rest of that batch, and said she was having a bottle sent directly to me in apology. How very lovely.

Then on Twitter Stephen King said he had just used Track Changes on a manuscript and how you can teach an old dog new tricks. This being of interest to me because lately I had been wondering if successful writers, (like Stephen King) use programs when creating. 

So nothing earth shaking. Just nice.

You know how we all have THOSE days? (Or weeks or months or…)

Posted earlier today on AWA. There is a better day.

First, a couple of things go wrong, tech glitches, dropping things, nothing major, then that darned old hip calls for use of a cane for a few days, easily overcome, then a couple of relationship difficulties, then more health irritations, and all of a sudden everything seems quite burdensome.

I don’t whine and snivel, at least not for a very long time. But my point is that things change and they are helped by good news and friends.

First the friends. I asked one for advice and it was excellent. She never ever says what to do or intrudes or gives opinion unless asked. Now how rare is that these days? She is the one I take shopping who is honest enough to say, ‘no that does not look good on you’, and then has me try on something I would never consider, just to have it become a favourite.

Then another dear friend sent me a couple of book and article suggestions that proved amazingly helpful. She knew exactly what I needed and led the way.

Then from Edinburgh comes a safe place to find comfort without judgement.

From Mexico comes the encouragement that began with a card that came with flowers many years ago when I had first been diagnosed with cancer, that said, ’BE BRAVEHEART’. Something that has been repeated over the years. From her I strive to be brave,

Then of course there is my partner-in-crime, A World Apart, JB who sent me these:Besties by Ava William

Judith coined the phrase Sisters By Choice ages ago and it sure fits. Of course you can imagine from her posts that she is a woman who always knows the right thing to do and say. (I keep saying that when I grow up I want to be just like her but we know that’s not likely)

She taught her grandchildren well. Her company was called Dare to Dream and she says she talked a lot about it to the grandsons. 

I have to say she helps me Dare To Dream.

I truly have amazing friends!

And the Good News keeps coming. The article linked to this title below warmed my heart and at the same time had me saying, YES YES YES

Mariann Home For a long time, having been in health care for 50+ years and worked through SARS I knew there had to be a better way to handle the whole COVID thing. **Big disclaimer here – I believe our leaders did the best they could, in the mist of panic and fear of an unknown virus, and of course in hindsight there would have been better paths so this is not a criticism. It is an acknowledgement that we could have done better. 

Bernard Boreland did what the rest of us forgot to do, and that is to learn from the past. If you have a few minutes it is worth reading. 

Proactive is an ideal we all seek in healthcare and he is a shining example.

Gotta say, this day smacks of good things.

So to all of you from North of 43 I wish you a day with some good things.