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Freedom’s just another word

Me and Bobby McGee

Following JB’s post of yesterday about world reaction to the United States Supreme Court’s most recent decision, I had a mind to follow up on that topic, but realized there are a lot of folk who need to express feelings, thoughts and anguish, and I would stand down for now.

And so my mind took me in a different direction.

I forgot my ear buds when I went walking this morning (early, as it is now 31C), and it gave me a chance to do some free thinking. Bounce my thoughts here and there.

Freedom came to the fore, of course. Well, at least the thought of it. And what it meant. Different folk, different slant. Different hope. Different anguish.

But, for this moment I am thinking about the losses of freedom we put on ourselves. Think, breaking self-imposed chains. Things that affect our everyday life. Things that have a good initially, and then we become dependent.

For instance;

I had to smile when I thought about conspiracists who said the government put tracking chips in the vaccine. (and were believed by too many of the P.T. Barnum ilk), and yet wear tracking bracelets and carry cell phones and other devices.) Chips not required.

When people – read ME here – sign up for self improvement programs that include weight loss, exercise, meditation – you name it. And carry on with them for years. **Note: I am not dissing these programs for even a minute. They are the reason I am healthy and active at 75.

No, my thoughts are that they have a purpose and I suddenly realized when I was preparing my food plan for the week and setting activity goals that I didn’t have to do this anymore.

I realized that the purpose of the programs had a training function. And there comes a time when one must ditch the training wheels of life. I know how to eat healthy. I know how much activity I require for good health and well-being. I also don’t need to know how much sleep and deep sleep I had.

So I have freed myself from such things as of today and it feels good. Of course that now leaves a lot of free space in my brain. Hmmm 

No, you’re not seeing double. Posted yesterday on the AWA site