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Preserving History – Or How I Learned to Love ‘The Big Lebowski’

Jeff Bridges The Dude
Jeff Bridges The Dude

The sixth decade in life is rather exciting for me.  It is a time when I have pretty much suspended judgement on matters previously assigned to the ‘not interested bin’, ‘it assaults my sensitivities bin’, or the ‘oh, that’s so gross bin’.

Interesting enough, this new open mindedness is a result of continued learning from, no, not higher education, but younger education.  From my children and their children, from the youngsters with the ear buds – a daintier form of ear phones – attached to whatever device that force their eyes downward in the presence of other humans. Those in their thirties and forties are a constant source of education and insight in many ways.

See, way back when, and here you can insert almost any decade in the twentieth century or even to the present day and still be in the ball park, and even though I flaunted propriety in many ways, there was one thing I would not do, and that one thing was an unbreakable rule.  Never ever force myself to sit through a movie or show where the ‘F’ word was the main supporting structure in every sentence.

Now this explains why, when the movie came out in 1998 I never saw The Big Lebowski written and directed by those famous Coen brothers, Joel and Noel who have between the two of them an impressive list of film credits as writers, directors, and producers.

My introduction to this amazing movie came when as I continued on my creative knitting streak (posted previously) I decided to make my youngest son a fisherman knit sweater, something he had long admired.  While chatting to my DIL a couple of months ago and discussing patterns, she asked if I would like to make my son his absolute dream sweater.   The Dude.

my son models his new sweater side view
my son models his new sweater side view

It doesn’t take long these days to check information so I quickly googled The Dude Sweater and so started my education.  It didn’t matter that I had not seen the movie or that one of my favorite actors starred in the film.  What mattered is that I was looking at a my next project.

The search for the pattern took a little time but finally took me to a most wonderful site which then led to the brilliant Andrea Rangel who has the greatest pattern selections for almost everythinI stayed true to Andrea Rangel’s pattern (except for enlarging the collar) using the recommended yarn which is Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool a rather expensive but well worth it yarn.

I love doing this pattern and am happy to reproduce for any who may wish to purchase it.  It is somewhat costly but if you are interested in learning the details please contact me at or visit

Back view - looks pretty good on my boy I think
Back view – looks pretty good on my boy I think
my shy son The Dude sweater
my shy son The Dude sweater

The Sheldon Board

big bang theory new season
big bang theory new season (Photo credit: Heavybm)


There are all kinds of boards; the mother board, the ironing board, the board of directors, shuffle board, leader board, but there is only one Sheldon board.


I have an addictive personality so I become enthralled, perhaps even obsessed with books, authors, movies and the odd television series.  ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ has been an addiction for sometime, and I suppose it is somewhat pathetic that when my friends and I meet we always find some part of a long conversation dwelling on the antics of Penny, Amy Farrah Fowler, Bernadette, Howard, Leonard, Raj, and of course Sheldon. And, even worse we can -well I can- quote the script with great accuracy resulting in gales of laughter, not to mention the theme song, the best ever, by the BareNaked Ladies.


Some of my favorite scenes take place in the laundry room, where amongst great wit and humor we find Sheldon folding laundry as only the iconic obsessive compulsive can, complete with a board that ensures every item comes out in exact identical specifications.


And we find ourselves saying, ‘I want a board like that.’  I remember them as an item back in the sixties or seventies, but short of contacting Chuck Lorre directly we couldn’t find a single one. Until one day.  The day.  My sister who likes to peruse Dollar Stores came across one.  I think in the end it had to cost her a fortune because she bought not just one for herself, but a dozen others for our group.  It’s not blue like Sheldon’s but it does the job.

Perfect  fold every time
Perfect fold every time

Others in this house find their laundry missing for short periods of time.  I have to do it since I do not have enough foldables to get fair use from this miracle.  By the time said missing items are rediscovered they have all been obsessively folded.  Just like Sheldon.

My sister lives in an apartment building with a laundry room and I drove her crazy each time I visited begging her to ‘let’s go to the laundry room and play Sheldon and Penny’ but she has a strong sense of propriety so she has declined. So far.



Give Me a Head with Hair, Long Beautiful Hair …or Au Naturel

When I was young I had long beautiful hair. Longer  and shinier than this pic.

My hair in my teens was a shining auburn, below my shoulders and straight as a board.  I ironed it like everyone else even though there was no need.  We rinsed our hair with vinegar and water for that extra shine.

Then something happened – call the 30’s – No not the 1930’s, MY 30’s and suddenly that little bottle of colour became part of my life.  And my hair got shorter and shorter.  So for 30 (seems to be the magical number doesn’t it?) odd years I have helped support the beauty industry by buying product.  Now it is more like this:

So as you may know I seem to be going through a catharsis in my 65th year.  Something, well everything is changing.  I no longer hang ten over the surf board of life but now look for meaning and am living more on purpose rather than by whatever winds buffet me along the road of life.  Well okay I don’t look like that anymore as menopause brought me a short few months of naturally curly hair.  Alas it did not last.

Now it is more like this:

And I have stayed pretty consistent in my color ‘Golden Blonde‘.  Now see what I did there?  That ‘cool’ look or so I thought covers up a lot including the old double or triple chin.

Why the ‘confession’?

Well I took a good look around and noticed that women my age who color their hair, in my opinion look like they have colored their hair.

See I am not sure it makes me look younger anymore.  I think it just makes me look like a woman my age trying to look younger.  I may be off base in this but I am going to go back to the 60’s ideas of natural flow no show.  So even though I have been growing that faux girlish look out, when my roots are long enough I am getting all the color cut out.  I mean my hair will grow again and if I look too awful in my natural state I can take up the bottle again but it is such a nice adventurous idea I am going to make it so.

When I do I shall if I am very very brave post a pic.  No promises on that since part of my cathartic change is to be truthful.  And realistic.  And kind at the same time.

What other changes of purpose have I done?  I will have to let you know another time.  Y’all have a great weekend!




Just What is all the Fuss with Handbags / Purses?

Purses perplex me.  I don’t mean those little portable pockets to hold change.123rf.comI mean bags, handbags or whatever other name may give them added value.  And valuable they are.  The most expensive one I found is this little treasure – Mouwads Handbag which sells for a nice 3.8 Million.

Mouawads Handbag

I am not sure what women see in handbags and here I am a woman so you think I would have been let in  on the secret.

When I did a little research I read articles that said the handbag for women really came into being as an accessory in the early 19th century.  Or maybe it was the late nineteenth century.  I must confess it really doesn’t interest me at all.

I guess it is because of my disinterest that I even wanted to blog on the subject.  I am sure there is a missing ‘girly gene’ because I just can’t get excited about handbags.  I can’t even garner up surprise or indignation that these objects can cost so much.  I did read some articles that said the handbag has existed in some form since early civilization, but again my disinterest may have caused me to read the information incorrectly.

One article started by saying that women cannot live without their purses.  It has occurred to me more than once that purses must have been an invention of early man.  That in some way it keeps women subservient.  This sure is not male bashing as I happen to adore men, but think about this.

A man strolls along moving both arms at his sides.  He is not burdened down by anything (except for those males who choose to use manbags), he is free to run, move about freely, he never has to worry about putting it down and forgetting it or having it stolen, – do you get where I am going with all this ‘free’ ‘freely’ stuff? – while the woman must occupy at least on arm with said bag.  Even if she carries a bag over her shoulder or across her chest she is burdened down.

Diane Mapes at says “Huge purses are an emotional crutch”

From the same article comes this quote, “The big purse full of stuff is not only a woman’s home away from home, it’s a reflection of the woman’s role as caretaker, says Linda Abrams of the Philadelphia-based Council for Relationships.’

I know all you purse loving women are  great people.  I have dear friends and family who love those bags and it makes them feel good to go out accessorized. I just don’t understand it.  The article link above really gets into the psychology of why women carry big bags and frankly I think it is a bunch of nonsense.  Mape does a good job of reporting but oh my there is a certain insanity to much of what some people think.

My blogging friend Kathy McCullough started my thoughts when she posted

7 Signs of Bag-Lady Chic:  A Confession in Photos.  Now there folks is a lady who has bag common sense with a great deal of style.  Now that I can get into.

I have come to the conclusion that women who carry handbags do it because a) they like it or b) it serves some useful purpose, and I will  admit some might do it because it is the style and or everyone else does it.

Do I carry?  Yes.  Sometimes.  Occassionally I will catch myself and throw the thing in the closet or the trunk of my car.  After all, I want to be as free as a man is.  Hmm seems to me women have fought That Fight in the past.


Canadian Beaver

Canadian Beaver

It seems our government is busy these days, not with serious international matters, or
threats of terrorism, or poor leadership, or unemployment or injustice but with
endless discussions on our national symbol – The Beaver.

The Beave

It’s a rather silly symbol – at least I have always thought so – but to devote time and money to discussion on whether it should be something else, in this day and age – well I cannot come up with a decent word to use in public to demonstrate
how I feel….ugh.

It, The Beaver was proclaimed a national symbol in 1975 so we cannot even blame our
early fur trading ancestors, and yes even I have made jokes about this choice.  From what I have read, Canadian Beaver was extremely lucrative and made a ton of money for the Hudson Bay Company way back when wearing fur was very fashionable and very ‘in’.  The Beaver appeared on our first stamp.

Being sick of all discussion I would like to propose a change – make it a Goose..a
Canadian Goose…it’s a prettier nicer looking animal/bird and no one has to miss
a beat in making yet another joke.

Darn good thing we Canucks have a good sense of humour.

I Swear -The Worst Movie Ever

I Swear The Worst Movie Ever

 I put little faith in movie reviews and think it is too bad when critics pan what is truly a good movie, but worse yet are the ones they rave about making me wonder who is getting payoffs AND makes me wonder when the public responds with a hellya are they just trying to fit into what is popular? I know, I know…. Personal appreciation and perception is well…personal but my head swims and my tummy does somersaults.

 Last night after a nice patio dinner out my sister-in-law and I decided to see BRIDESMAIDS. When she mentioned it I was all ‘Oh I heard such good reviews, lets go!”

 One review I read said it was, “An unexpectedly funny new comedy about women in love.”

 It has nothing to do with women in love, in fact it is about the Kristin Wiig character who is so screwed up she settles for the worst kind of lover, the booty call only, and clumsily tries to deal with the downside of her life not very well.

 We watched as the movie started, flat and boring thinking that any minute the story would start to flow, that something or somebody would connect but it never happened.

After about thirty minutes my SIL looked at me, brows furrowed, and said, “Seamus O’Reagan at CTV said it was a great movie.”

 We suffered through hoping that redemption for monies paid would miraculously appear.

Alas it never did.  The theatre never did rock with wild laughter but there was a chuckle or two at the banal scenes. Go figure.

 There was never at any moment chemistry between any of the characters.  It really did seem they were just reading their lines, no passion, and no connection as if they each said the lines alone on a stage.  Just saying words.

Mind you the writing was flat and that moment of humor that should have occurred was missed.  The timing was awful.

 The cast was wooden apparently unable to show appropriate emotion, or any emotion and the writing was equally as flat lacking any revelation of something more than a sulk. I am not sure any actor on earth could have accomplished the goal to entertain as it was written.

 Even the worst movies have a redeeming feature and in this one it was Melissa McCarthy who I had never seen before but she could well become a big star.

 If your tastes go to inappropriately used F* shots, and bridesmaids with food poisoning barfing in porcelain thrones while another defecates in a sink and another says the most horrible things about her children including profane name calling, and do not require well written wit you may enjoy it.

PS It was interesting watching other viewers.  One young guy probably about 25 was riveted in his seat; leaning forward, chin on his hands smiling to beat the band.  Another young, no older than 20 wearing minus 0 size clothes girl overheard me say it was the worst movie ever as we left, and she looked at me and said, “ You’re kidding? I thought it was so beautiful I cried.”

 Go figure.  Maybe it is an age thing.





The Real Royal Wedding

Coming Soon!
Y’all will remember The Real Royal Wedding that took place May 14, 2011 and the MOG (Mother of the Groom).
Fascinators were at a minimum probably because Princess Beatrice was unable to attend but the Royal Chef truly rocked. I have had requests for more about this culinary delight, his business and where you can find him.
So I thought I would whet your appetites by letting you know  I am in the process of setting up an interview so I can accurately portray the story and skills of this incredible man and his team.
Hopefully I will have the delicious details soon!


Breaking Fashion Rules for Mama Kat and the Keyword Here is ‘Breaking’

Mama Kat

The prompt I chose for today’s Writer’s Workshop is:

4.) In honor of the “white” after Memorial Day rule, name a fashion rule that you either break or enforce.

 It was surprisingly difficult to find an adequate definition of ‘fashion rules’ and I have never been able to actually pinpoint just who determines fashion.   Google never lets me down, nor does Wikipedia but today the search took a little longer.  Or it would have if I had been in the mood to look.  I can’t say I have ever been ‘out of fashion’ but that is because of friends who are just a little too enthusiastic about fashion rules.  It just isn’t a biggie with me. had some good information.  The question was, ‘What is your number one fashion rule’? 

And the answer was,  ‘Underwear almost always goes on the inside’.  It made sense to me, but then I have seen that particular rule broken more than once.  I guess that is why the word ‘almost’ is there.

 I tried to think of a fashion icon and unfortunately remembered on the news the other day; Lady Gaga was presented with an award for her fashion sense. I swear!

 I went to facebook to look at pics posted by friends to see what they were wearing.  It’s all very casual these days.  I must admit I did not see anyone with underwear on the outside so that is a good thing.

 I used to like the fashions of the sixties.  It was neat, feminine and I happily embraced the rules then and everything matched.

 My sister-in-law keeps up on fashion and frankly I cannot wrap my mind around some of it.  For instance, did you know that your purse should no longer match anything?  And your shoes shouldn’t match anything? In fact the latest thing is that you should wear a neutral color shoe with a black dress?

 White before or after Memorial Day does not matter to me at all.  It depends strictly on the weather.

 There is only one fashion rule I adhere to and that one was made by my niece.

“Never ever dress like an old lady.”  Unfortunately I came across a morning fashion advice show that showed clothing that no one over forty should wear AND there before me on public TV was my entire wardrobe.  It’s a darn good thing I don’t really care!