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Hey! Here’s a new idea

new ideas

It shouldn’t be. And it is kinda sad that is it. A New Idea that is.

How be we start to respect each other and each others’ points of view?

No muss. No fuss. No ranting – YOU ARE WRONG YOU ARE WRONG

How about – I do not agree with you.

But I respect you and what you think. I expect that you will do the same for me.

We should not be trying to change the other. There is room for DIFFERENT in this life. In fact it is essential to our very existence.

I figure we should not expect everyone to believe, to think, exactly as we. I figure we should not put down, belittle, negate, another because of a different belief, be it religion, politics, or favourite flavour of ice cream (maple walnut).

Thinking differently does not equal WRONG.

Am I dreaming or was this not the way it was purported we believe last century?

There – that should take the heat out of the situation.