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An Open Letter to Stephenie Meyer – Twilight Saga, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, The Illustrated Guide and Midnight Sun

Stephenie Meyer

An Open Letter to Stephenie Meyer -Twilight Saga, The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner, and The Illustrated Guide and Midnight Sun
Dear Ms. Meyer. …Dear Stephenie, (since I feel I know you in a personal way..not weird mind you, just ….no it may be a bit weird…but just in the most complimentary way.)
I visited your website again today, this time to search for an email addy as I wish to say a few words to you. Unfortunately your Webmaster Seth, who by the way is doing a great job, says you do not have an addy for fans.
Perhaps you could correct that although I do understand the reasons, so perhaps I should revise that suggestion and request instead just the teensiest little email strictly for my use only.
I will try to be concise as I know or can imagine how busy you are.
1) I find it of great interest that your books are targeted for YA (young adults). To put your mind at ease I assure you that even though I have a few decades on you I am young never having grown up. You do know there is a huge older audience that read, enjoy and perhaps are equally addicted. Speaking for myself anyway. Your stories are timeless and your characters are living beings that have become family.
2) I have read every book a number of times and was glad to see the Illustrated Guide. Your interview at the beginning is the best part. I picked up Twilight yet again and read from Chapter thirteen first imagining what it was like to start there with the meadow scene.
3) My son who is in his thirty’s says, “Mom, you know they are seventeen.” As though love, passion, intrigue and conflict should only mean something to YA. But it is ageless as are The Cullens et al.
The reason for this has to do with your discussion that as you write a sequel the public begins to create what they think the next story will be. It becomes their story and so when the next book comes out some may be surprised or even taken aback.
I for one make no assumptions. I trust you as the creator and what comes is meant to be. I simply embrace it. That’s pretty much all I had to say.

Now I doubt your schedule allows the time to peruse hundreds of thousands of blogs just to search for me, but if any of my readers know you personally, or anyone of your extended large family, then I ask you to pass this on.
Chris King (No relation to Stephen, although he did trust me with his email addy. Well me and the whole world.)
And I am:
Just in case you did want to take a peek!

Planting a Garden Becoming a Beatle

A better garden than mine


Planting a Garden Becoming a Beatle
As the sun beats down in a pretense of summer I am off to conquer new skills, connect with mother earth, and have seven birthdays with thirty five people.
The last garden I planted was in 1981. I had just bought a house in Brantford that had previously been owned by a delightful Italian couple. The back yard hosted a large garden, several fruit trees and flowers everywhere including roses climbing one wall of the house. Oh the joy, the excitement, the whole ‘Green Acres’ of it all.
Yesterday I posted on genes and traits and all things lacking so you must already have come to the conclusion that though not listed, but definitely not present is the gardening Mother Nature gene.
I tilled the garden (truth be told a neighbor tilled the garden) but I was with him in spirit. I planted every veggie possible in straight rows and each night went to bed with dreams of sugar plums ..I mean baskets of healthy fresh veggies in my head.
At first it was pure joy watching and watering seeing life literally spring up. Then the nightmare began, the torture, the exhaustion, and the work.
First came little nasties called weeds, then the birds (the original cast of the movie I think) that perched on my rooftop awaiting noisily the fruits of my cherry trees. Then the roses showed their true evil character spreading wildly and generally making a mess of themselves. And the grass, no matter how often mowed kept growing. And the nicely trimmed huge hedge raised it’s million little arms…trim me trim me they cried. And green things of all sorts crept up between patio stones.
So all of a sudden my dreamy summer days of coming home from work and reclining on my patio in the midst of beauty became hell. Getting home I would change and head outside always trying but never conquering or even becoming one with nature.
The garden came to fruition and no matter what else existed in the world it had to be picked, blanched, canned, frozen, immediately. Immediately! And I had no idea that those few seeds I planted would turn into enough for a small country.
My brother and sister-in-law moved to the country this year. My youngest sister decided we, who live in apartments, should each have a portion of the garden to become one with nature and plant. We’ll see. Since 1981 my love affair with Mother Nature has been at a discreet distance.
Tomorrow my friend Donna and hubby are hosting a joint birthday party. Hers, mine, my daughter-in-law and four others, all Gemini and all this weekend. Here is where the Beatles come in. You know their song, When I’m Sixty-four? Yup that is me. And it seems that just yesterday those digits were reversed. But that is another post.  Seems Geminis in the first week of June are a prolific as those veggies.
So in one hour..planting   – again, shopping and then THE PARTY!

Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop Flaws in My Genes?

Mama Kat


Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop Flaws in My Genes?

 Some weeks a prompt is difficult.  This week there is several I could address but the most interesting is:  3.) Describe a talent or flaw that seems to be in your genes.

 Now I would prefer that all my flaws were gene induced otherwise I would have to recognize and deal with character flaws and that would never do.  Or should I be thinking my genes are not at all flawed that the g pool is perfect and that I in some way screwed them up?  Not a chance.  The nice thing about flawed genetic material is that its not my fault and I just need to work on overcoming, enhancing and perfecting them. After all we are recipients of said material at birth.  Right?

 Now my research shows that genetic disposition is usually related to passing on disease.  There is a strong argument that behavioral traits are in fact as much as or more of a social thing.  The basic assumption being that genetic traits are unchangeable. I believe that my personal study of six decades renders that balderdash.  So lets look at nature vs nurture which could be a whole other discussion but seems to fit here – in my mind at least.

 1)     Loquacious – meaning talkative or verbose in the extreme, can also be translated into verbal diarrhea.  Surely this has to be genetic. I believe, with no scientific proof at all, that my cave dweller ancestors fell into one of the primordial gene pools floating around at that time and absorbed a substantial amount of this material.  Of course they did not know it at the time as there were no words but by george when there were words, that particular line has not shut up since.

2)     The untidy gene – meaning untidy of course. Ah this is a gene I fight daily. As one comedian once said,  ‘My mother said it takes just as long to drop it on the floor as it does to hang it up.’  Scientific studies have shown that no; dropping is much quicker than hanging. (Although I am pretty good now on this one, proving this trait can indeed be changed.)

3)     Self Perception – why I perceive myself as Queen, as special, as a genetic pool worth dipping in…oh…so that is not genetics…uh huh..oh…delusions maybe.  Will think that one out a bit more.

4)     The cooking gene – This one is proff yet again that genetic traits are changeable.  I used to have it when my family was young. I gave fabulous dinners people raved about.  But I lost it.  Perhaps it is a recessive gene that can be recovered. Lets hope.

5)     The, I get lost anywhere gene – No sense of direction in a world where so many others do not?  That is definitely gene related, it just has to be.  In south Texas I never got lost.  Roads are straight there, but put a slight curve in the road and all the GPS units of the world cannot save me.

 You know I could go on forever it seems.  That may be TMI.  Lets just say I will stop there but I now realize as I start to tidy up my environment I should also start on that particular pool and perhaps change the thinking that genetic traits are in fact changeable.


Becoming Jessica Fletcher

Becoming Jessica Fletcher
I want to be Jessica Fletcher.
Between 1984 and 1986 Murder, She Wrote was a highly successful TV Series starring Angela Lansbury. But it is not Angela I am interested in, although she had a hugely successful career on the big screen, the big stage as well as television, it is Jessica B. Fletcher.

Angela aka Jessica Fletcher

In those years as I raised a family, worked, studied and dreamed I looked to her character as the person I wanted to become. J. B. Fletcher was a retired school teacher, widowed, living in a small town in Maine called Cabot Cove who turned to writing murder mysteries, and who gained world wide fame as a best selling author.
She apparently got up bright and early every morning, perfectly coiffed, dressed in casual but classy clothing, make up perfect, puttered in her garden, went for healthy walks and kept an immaculate house. In addition she had a delightful circle of friends, including Dr. Seth Hazlitt, and Sheriff Amos Tupper who popped around for dinners and were often the portal to her murder mysteries.
My new BFF Wikipedia tells me ‘Murder rears its ugly head with great regularity in her vicinity (so improbably often that the mystery term “Cabot Cove syndrome” was eventually coined to describe the constant appearance of dead bodies in remote locations).’
All those years of thinking that when my circumstances changed, children grown, time on my hands that I would become Jessica Fletcher (well not become because that would be just too weird, but become like.)
I actually have a blogging buddy who in my mind comes closest to this character.
She is Judithb who writes from

In my mind she lives this gracious existence. You may want to check her out.
So now I have that circumstance; not widowed but alone, time to do, to be. But for five months now I have tried to figure out what my life is, what my schedule is – unsuccessfully. I am not getting the best bang for my buck. I have tried rising early, rising late, promising myself daily exercise, cooking real meals, oh and writing successfully like there is no tomorrow.
So I think I may try the J. B. Fletcher way. That means getting myself out of bed and putting all the pieces in place. It is 11:15 a.m. and here I sit in bed where I read and write my blogs first thing in the morning. Would Jessica sit in bed – NO!
I look around my apartment or suite as it is apparently called – if you pay enough for it it becomes a suite. Clothing piled in laundry stacks, dust bunnies mating and reproducing everywhere, dishes in the sink even though there is a dishwasher which still has clean dishes in it. Papers and books and notes oh my.
So I think for today I will be J. B. and since I have a late start I may try for tomorrow too. WWJBD?

Jackie Paulson Published her Blog I am too!

Jackie Paulson Published her Blog List … so I am too!

I subscribe to an excellent list and following in her footsteps wanted to give thanks to my bloggers.  As you can tell I love good writing.  There are so many bloggers on WordPress I can’t possibly get to them all, so if you are reading this and would like me to subscribe to your site please drop a comment.

My only fear is that there are others I subscribe to but have not yet put them on my blog list.  But I’s all a matter of time..ah precious time!

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