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Fall Feelings of Futility

Fall Feelings of Futility

I had a thought today on the cozy heart warming pleasure there is in taking a fall walk through rustling leaves.

I find the sound of shuffling my feet and kicking up the russet carpet to be a very satisfying one as listening somehow takes me back to childhood. Not to any one particular event mind you, just a feeling of youth.

That gentle comforting thought lasted through the first step into the yard as G2 and I headed out for a little fun bagging leaves. As I gathered piles to scoop up he did just the opposite. I tell you that child got lots of exercise and fresh air and I got a healthy dose of frustration until finally I got into the fun of it by developing a sense of humor and so in our own way we worked away and I found I just needed to work faster than he to make headway.

But there is a question that crosses my mind now and then, generally at this time of year. Why do we even have to pick up leaves? It seems to me that leaves provide a warm blanket, a sort of protective layer between the lawn and snow.  Is that not one of natures natural fertilizer?  That the leaves will rot and provide nutrition to the lawn?

It will be obvious to all of you by now that I am not a gardener of any sort, and I hope my question doesn’t sound too silly, but really doesn’t it make sense?

And the Dinosaur Award of the Year Goes to…..


Well I have heard from so many people who loved the movie Bridesmaids so I have come to the conclusion it was just me. Fortunately my dinosaur status is transient and it is a state I fight.

I generally try to keep an open mind because change is constant and I don’t want to be left behind. Every time a thought breezes through about modern fashion or art or entertainment I look for the good, the appeal to the masses. What do they see, perceive and enjoy? Often I actually have the chance to grow just a little bit more!

Of course there are core values I won’t budge on but keeping an open mind is important. So I may see the movie again (when it comes out on TV). My opinion may not change but then again it just might!

A friend reminded me of a conversation she and I had a few years ago when I told her G1 said at age four he was going to be a paleontologist when he grew up and thought I could be his assistant. My friend Ros promptly responded that it would be appropriate because then he truly would be working with a dinosaur!

Pics thanks to Photobucket.