Pondering deep thoughts?

I loved JB’s post yesterday about Walking Backwards: Looking forward. It struck a chord on so many levels. That and the comments got me thinking about my tendency to look back, usually searching for pieces of a puzzle, or for wisdom.

JB posed the question, am I scared to look ahead in case I lose my footing? She raises a good point about living in the present since our days are numbered.

She refers to herself as Pollyanna as it is a lovely moniker, and I confess to liking the idea. Though I often think of my optimistic view as ‘rose-coloured glasses’.

I found myself wondering if archeologists are in the present or the past? I mean, they try to rebuild the past.

Are those that trace genealogy in the present or past? I have spent eighteen months or more tracing family lines. It was indeed worthwhile because of what I found. But the whole project consumed my thoughts day and night.

Her section on walking backwards is actually common in the elder population.

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving but yesterday I got to meet a new addition to the family. My son’s dog:


Meet Loki. Five months. Think King German Shepherd. Right now all legs, paws, tail and ears, and the gentlest disposition I have ever encountered.

This has been a wonderful relaxing ME DAY, and I am refreshed. And so from North of 43 I wish you all a bit of gentle love

Previously posted on AWA about a gentle day!

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