COLD COLD BONES: an evening with

Just like big people I went out in an evening, rather than being in pjs by nine.

The evening was with Kathy Reichs, the creator of the Temperance Brennan character, who by the way are two different people.

TV Tempe is different than book Tempe, but both are intriguing strong women, and both are forensic anthropologists. Bones the TV series went for 12 seasons and Kathy R was also a producer on the show who also wrote a few of the scripts.

My friends and I were not too sure what to expect given her age. As a hint she is one year younger than I. And I am seventy-five. But I wasn’t that far from her, well really close when she signed my book, but you might mistake her for my daughter, well maybe much much younger sister. NO plastics, but glows with apparent good health.

So that was the first surprise.

The next was that she so people friendly, as comfortable as she might be in my living room. I have been to meet other authors some of which were stiff, uncomfortable, and obviously just wanted the evening over. One even had a body guard standing next to him.

Then it came out that she published her first book twenty-five years ago. And that made her pretty close to the big 50.

She has accomplished so much more than books that I wondered how she could seem so laid back.

The theatre of two hundred seats was almost full so I was glad I got our tickets early. And being swift of foot I managed to get close to the front of the line for the signing.

I joked on FB that she actually wanted to sign my copy to my bestie Christine, but we know that was not quite accurate.

But I got my book signed and sighed with pleasure.

Felt amazing coming home in the evening and feeling so energized. And thought to myself as I poured a G&T, I really should go out in the evning more often. But I wondered where I would go?

3 thoughts on “COLD COLD BONES: an evening with”

  1. Meeting a favourite author is always special. I love that she is a late bloomer like me and is doing well. I’m off to Canada in September to do a small book tour. I hope people will be happy to come out and see me.

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