Concern and Disbelief

I think a coup has been completed. Regardless of the subject matter it has been demonstrated that the United States and all its laws are controlled by six people and none are elected officials

“Our mothers teach us to speak, and the world teaches us to shut up.”  Valeria Luiselli, Mexican author 1983 – I looked on from afar and then …

Concern and Disbelief

9 thoughts on “Concern and Disbelief”

  1. This has riled me up like no other issue. I’m voting and protesting- my best weapons right now.

  2. At the same time Anti-choicers harm women to save fetuses, they are in opposition to providing health care to the fetus once it is born, and to WIC and food stamps to feed the babies and children. As long as they are born that is all that matters. After that, they can starve to death or die from lack of medical treatment. The is what Anti-choice is about, harming young females and vulnerable babies and children. Free will is a fundamental of Christianity. We have a God given right to choose. They should listen to God.

    1. Oh Cindy I think you are right. Margaret Atwood wrote an excellent article about all this in which she said in her novel she had invented Gilead And the courts have just made it reality.

  3. That the application of laws by elected officials without a check was thought to be unsafe by the founders. That’s why this independent court, not controlled by politics or majority opinions of the population would be a check by a court whose every law consideration be guided by the Constitution and the Constitution alone. I am not sure that the six have much control now in that the recent decision stated that the court has no jurisdiction over abortion matters and has eliminated itself from being a determiner. Seems their withdrawal shows their self restraint. So if the court withdraws any claim to authority, isn’t that a win for pro choice advocates ? That the court members are not elected was designed so that they would have not political agenda or advocate for no one, their only obligation being to the Constitution. My personal position is that a woman’s choice is none of my business nor the government’s except to guarantee safety in procedures and if one is against abortion, well don’t get one.

      1. You are absolutely correct in offering that appointments have indeed been made with political intent. I hope for purity and integrity but you have pointed out a serious flaw and I don’t have an answer except that the appointee hopefully is able to check their own inclinations and subordinate them to lawful guidelines. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this and I do find it troublesome.

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