Not Old Dogs, But Old Books

This would be my day to post but now THIS is my favourite blog post! JB wrote this yesterday And it went up at midnight on this half of the world (6 p.m. on yours) so I am not doing a blog today because it will only take attention from this. I think this is a masterpiece! My half of the world is just waking to this so this is my post of the day Borrowed!

I have several books passed down to me by my Father. I have written about him on my other blog. Although he left school and any formal learning at 13…

Not Old Dogs, But Old Books

5 thoughts on “Not Old Dogs, But Old Books”

  1. That was a fun read. How are you doing today? It’s another beautiful ground hog day here. Work on the pool is pretty slow today. Marcelo, put the coat of paint on the pump house and there are so very few places left to tile. Maybe water in the pool by Monday??? I’ll forward you todays pictures in a sec🤗
    Enjoy your day. Hugs.

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