Drinks with that News?

Say, do we need 24 hour news coverage?

It occurs to me that it contributes in no small way to the rampant anxiety that is so pervasive worldwide. January 1st I decided, quite spontaneously, to embrace Dry January, the international campaign mostly embraced by the U.K., France, and Switzerland. Now approaching the last day of the month I have noticed subtle and not so subtle benefits.

I did not swear to not drink for a month, but decided on the one-day-at-a-time approach. No angst, just did it. The intent was not to quit drinking forever, but to have a brain and body reset. Will I drink in February? I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem like an important issue.

So then I wondered what else I might try for February. And the thought came with early morning light as I reached for my iPad to check the News from a number of sources, and found myself quite anxious at what I would find. And. Realized this happens several times a day.

So, I don’t believe in hiding your head in the sand from what is happening but I think I will start with the News once a day. Perhaps in the evening. I”ll figure it out as I go.

You see, I think News is no longer something that is just reported. I think once news became ‘24 hour’ accessible, it had to be pumped up to Grab Attention and Inflame Passions. And. Is. A. Major. Contributing. Factor. In World. Angst. I think legitimate investigative reporting has become Sleezy Attention Grabbing Passion Inflaming designed to ….?

So off to a adventure. I guess it all comes down to taking back control of my life and mind in small ways.

9 thoughts on “Drinks with that News?”

  1. And the news today is so much more biased than it used to be. I think you’re right that the 24-hour nature of it contributes to the anxiety it makes us feel, and I think it contributes to the bias as well. Or what they call “analysis.”

  2. I seldom watch the news. I listen to the radio and I get all I need in the one minute news at the top of the hour. Who needs any more. You will be much happier without it. Keep smiling. Xo

  3. I totally agree especially CNN who because they are reporting all day need to embellish things of course and this does cause watchers anxiety.

    1. Not just CNN I get Washington Post, Newsweek, ABC, CBC, CBS, NBC and a few others, I am suspect of all North American news although it can be sifted through. Canada and BBC seem somewhat better. I am also trying really hard to respect others opinions especially when I what to argue. But now I refuse to engage as what I say will not change their minds and often suspect I am just giving them a platform for their views.

    1. And like all obsessions it is unhealthy
      During most of lockdown, because of the way my day goes, I end up reading the paper with my breakfast. But it’s yesterday’s paper because I haven’t been out to get todays
      That simple exercise gives you a degree of detachment 🙂

  4. I haven’t watched TV news for some years now (Since 2001)
    I still listen to radio 4 news programmes when I’m about and I read a paper but I’ve actively opted out of the 24 hour news cycle.
    So I’ve never actually watched the Coronavirus press conferences timed to hit the early evening news.
    Why bother? I’ll get all the information plus as much commentary as I want at some point in the next couple of days 🙂

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