Goodbye America

Graham, McConnell et al, have subverted Democracy in Allegiance to One Who Has Killed America and in doing so have failed to govern, spending time digging up bones instead of taking care of its citizens. This is not the time for silence. Every voice must be heard. We are witnessing Civil War and the end of a civilization. Congress has equal power to the president. A stop gap, a guard to insanity but have chosen to throw their lot in with The Destroyer. A country is dying before our eyes. And the danger is The Poison spawned by Donald J. Trump Destroyer will spread. Has already spread. There is no United in The United States of America anymore. Goodbye America.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye America”

  1. It’s extremely upsetting. Is there no sane way to stop this grotesque process? The USA is standing neck deep in excrement. We can and do say, be nice to one another, but the people saying and practising it are not the ones causing the pain. The absence of leadership and a decent role model, is inflicting huge swaths of destruction and suffering.

    1. Too true moon watcher. I am trying to think of more positive things to write about but every now and then it just pops out. On one hand I do not want to contribute to the profound negativity out there but I also think people must at least speak up. A conundrum

  2. It must be very scary to live so close to the vandals. Is it too bad to say thank goodness we both live far away from the looting and fighting.
    I also read Goodbye America. That’s telling it like it is. As it’s really frightening.

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