I’m too simple minded to be bored

“You must be bored too,” she said sounding uncharacteristically depressed.

That seems to be the opening sentence in phone calls lately, and that is my characteristically go to response.

The last few days seem to be something of a whirlwind with the day ending with an incomplete To-Do list. I like lists. Doesn’t mean I follow list but making them is fun. During my daily chat between Southwestern Ontario and New Zealand JB pointed out that I am busy because I choose to be busy. (She of I Choose How I Will Live my Life fame).

My List has twelve things on it. There are other things I do but these are things that I have decided are important to me. Today I would like to share one of these 20 minute activities.

JB, across continents and equators and I do an 8 minute Tai Chi with Don Fiore every day and I also do the 20 minute Daily Qigong with Louhan Tapping.

Try it if you choose, or don’t if you choose not. A little stretching and breathing gives my day substance and keeps this simple minded entertained.

Stay Safe everyone!

5 thoughts on “I’m too simple minded to be bored”

  1. Love it and of course you and i are far too simple minded to be bored. I seem to have skipped off your list. No message about this post, so I have hit follow again. See you tomorrow.

  2. My days and nights are still screwed up from my NZ trip. I’ve decided, though, this week I will make lists, because the few hours I’m up I want to accomplish something. Else when this “stay home” order is over, I will kick myself!

      1. One week. Our three stops in Australia. I was thankful we got to all our NZ stops though. Loved that whole country. I’ve taken my temp every day since I got home, and so far so good. Don’t think I picked up the virus or anything scooting through the four airports to get home two weeks ago tomorrow. Viking informed me of a 50% discount on a next fare. I’m thrilled. I never expected that. Feels like the virus is sort of in the natural disaster category and I figured I’d just accept my losses. They were so great getting us home.

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