I broke a mirror today

I broke a mirror today

A long pause

I just stood still


Oh. No. Surely not

Seven years

Bad Luck?

I’m Seventy-two

That won’t do

I won’t be fine

Until I am Seventy-nine?

And then

A thought

Perhaps a sign?

Events conspiring

Have changed my path


These past days and weeks.

Yes, a sign

Things Have Ended

Yes, a sign

The Door Has Closed

Yes, a sign

A new and exciting future

A new and exciting path


I Choose

As Judith says




12 thoughts on “I broke a mirror today”

  1. I love the way you are putting your feelings and happenings into poems. But breaking mirrors and bad luck is only superstition. So back to the power of positivity

      1. You were! I still can´t believe I have had 7 books published in the series. It´s been quite a journey and I so appreciate those, like you, who have travelled with me.

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