Random New Year Morning Thouights

Passing Thoughts

* Under ‘Some Things Never Change’, countless millions continue to start the NEW YEAR with some sort of resolution, whether it is couched under that title or another. THIS IS CALLED HOPE. For some a serious undertaking. For others, not so much.

* The world has learned that the American process is not functioning. Congress as oversight to a dangerous president doesn’t work and has failed the country and the world. THIS IS CALLED PAINFUL TRUTHS. As suspected by many for years, the greatness of the Red White and Blue is empty rhetoric.

* To win an election properly one must have a better candidate. When people demand change, even the devil can appear a saviour. For a time. To win an election one must perceive accurately what the NEED is. Right or wrong, the country demands NEW. New thinking. New approaches. Paradigm. Step outside. Old, established, proper, will no longer do. THIS IS CALLED PROGRESS. In a dramatic way the Old Guard must be ready to step aside.

* Canada no longer appears as pristine as a snowflake. A Prime Minister and family who shame the country dressing up in Pretend and grinning like idiots for all the world to see. And that doesn’t even address the Politics of the country. THIS IS CALLED LAUGHING STOCK.

* The Western World and all first world countries have been faced with refugees and this will only grow. Developed nations having lived dramatically different lives than those in third world countries will find their world changing quickly. THIS IS CALLED REALITY ADJUSTMENT.

* More good deeds will be done. More trickery attempted. FAITH will win out. Without it all is lost. Faith in something. You choose. Faith in God. Faith in Human. Faith in Self. Faith in other. THIS IS CALLED LIFE.


7 thoughts on “Random New Year Morning Thouights”

  1. Goodness, what deep thoughts from you to start yet another year. Faith is indeed something we need at this difficult – may I even say tragic, time. Faith seems to be missing in many lives and I’m working on it in my life. A new year: a new start: and a chance to make a difference. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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