Inconsequential Consequences


The consideration of consequences is what gives society a leg up on decency, even more so than the aesthetic consideration of what is right.

We not only have abandoned rightful consequence we have suspended the due process of justice.  Guilty on accusation.

Rampant accusation and rampant and often illogical consequences.  People are guilty on accusation.

Matt Damon made a logical statement and was castigated.  Not only is the right to free speech gone (unless you are a white supremacist speaking at some college aimed at creating chaos then all bets are off), individual rights and freedoms have been relegated to the gates of hell.

The President of the United States boldly lies, denigrates humanity, and abuses and disrespects many, not the least being women, without consequence, and has made Alternative Facts and misrepresentations of truth and decency acceptable.

In Canada a political leader of great promise has two accusers come forth, one from when he was a teenager and dropped his drawers leading to a consensual event, and once from some bimbo who when he tried to kiss her said no and he accepted no as no and took her home at her request, has resigned his post.

We not only have abandoned the consideration of rightful consequence we have suspended the due process of justice.  Guilty on accusation. Guilty on accusation.

It cannot be said enough.

The Evil of the world loves this.  Give the masses something to rage about and they will not notice what else  is taking place until it is too late.



8 thoughts on “Inconsequential Consequences”

  1. J > It’s a hard time to be male, hard-working, respectful. No-one believes you. They only want to believe the worst. All women have become, by default, innocent victims. All men are monsters, guilty until proven innocent. It has reached the point where, in a public place, if I saw a small child crying and running in desperation because it had become separated from its parent or carer, I could not intervene in any way, without running a huge risk of getting into very serious trouble. And as for finding a life-partner? These days it seems much to risky to be worth the trouble.

    1. I am enraged at the apparent general perception of men. I have two sons who are respectful human beings. The inmates are in charge of the asylum. My condolences to good men everywhere. I am ashamed of women in this respect.

  2. Oh Chris. I have reblogged this because I think everyone needs to hear this. What happened in the US and elsewhere, to Innocent until proven guilty? It’s so easy for these bimbos and others, to jump onto the bandwagon of complaints.

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