The Lunchbox Note and Storytelling: Lifetime Lessons

Such a simple thing. I would love to hear from people who actually sit together for even one meal in a day. Alas I cannot personally think of one.

A Teacher's Reflections

Lunchtime in the classroom with fifteen preschoolers is very busy.  Once containers are opened, hot foods are heated, milk straws are inserted into their boxes, and napkins are found, things change.  Drastically.   Lunch becomes intimate.  Not quiet, but a place of comfort where children (and teachers) share their stories.  Children talk about their dogs and cats, their grandparents, their sleepovers.  They share what is on their mind, and also in their heart.  It’s how we become a family– we are a family at school!

Lunchbox notes are a special treat for children.  I make sure that I read the note to the child: “Happy first day of school, Ella” or “Have a fun day today at school, Josh.”  Last week Savannah had a special lunchbox note:

My goodness– it was a song.  And, it was Savannah’s favorite song.  I knew this was special, so I started to sing the…

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4 thoughts on “The Lunchbox Note and Storytelling: Lifetime Lessons”

  1. My son and his family always sit at the dinner table and talk, as we did when he and his sister were growing up and as I did with my sisters when we were growing up. An now a special tine for me when I visit for dinner each week. But I always sit at the dinner table to eat even though I am now on my own.

  2. Even though we led extremely busy lives, we always sat together for the evening meal, at a table, no TV allowed. My grandson would spend summers with us between the age of 10 and 15. He just loved that we sat together, ate and chatted about our day. I guess, they didn´t do that at his home. Hubby and I still eat together at a set table, often outside now.

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