Guest poet and raconteur: Tallis Steelyard – A Family Saga

Somewhere along the line I will be hosting one of the installments to this lovely tale. Whilst (notice the word to get you in the mood) we wait for IT gliches to resolve I am reblogging each of the already published pieces. I mean when it is my turn you want to be up to date on the story and being October and all Fiction is a lovely endeavor after a healthy walk in the Fall air. Enjoy

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

For once I cannot be blamed for any of it. It’s obvious that nothing that happened was my fault. Indeed if blame is to be allocated, the only person on whom it can fairly fall is my lady wife Shena. Still I am old enough to realise that this is not how the world works. Hence, with a somewhat heavy heart, I have taken steps to at least avoid physical retribution.

To take this sad tale back to the beginning, it all starts, as many tales do, with the pupils of Dame Ralash’s school for ‘young maidens of humble family up to the age of thirteen.’ Shena is an ‘old girl’ of the establishment, and like all the other girls who have attended, she accepts unswervingly Dame Ralash’s conviction that ‘Her girls support each other.’

So Shena introduced me to Charity Belle. A rather pretty young lady, still somewhat naive…

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