Joe Hill …

I adore Joe Hill and his mom and dad are not too shabby either. Actually I treasure Stephen King and his off spring and his wife are so talented.

Routine Matters

Joe Hill …

Joseph Hillstrom King (born June 4, 1972), better known by the pen name Joe Hill, is an American author and comic book writer. He has published four novels—Heart-Shaped Box (2007), Horns (2010), NOS4A2 (2013) and The Fireman (2016) — a collection of short stories titled 20th Century Ghosts (2005) and another collection Strange Weather (2017). He is also the Eisner Award-winning author of the comic book series Locke & Key. He is the son of author Stephen King.

In. 2011, on a visit to London, he spoke about his work routine.

You need to be able to sit there for six hours a day, and at the end of the day be able to walk away and let it go. You have to have a kind of blissful acceptance that you might spend two months writing a hundred pages and then throw the whole thing away in a single day…

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