Finally a Sunday that is a Day of Rest


Damn. Sore throat, tinnitus, cold. Should have been more sympathetic when BJRS got their colds last week. Got Fisherman’s Friend (NO not a friendly fisherman), lots of fluids of the nonalcoholic kind. Took last of my Cold FX. Low activity day, probably reading and thinking great thoughts. To my afflicted family above, ‘I feel your pain’

I will be back at it tomorrow!  T’is the season.  Wash your hands, lots of fluid and rest.


20 thoughts on “Finally a Sunday that is a Day of Rest”

  1. I hope you feel better. I had the beginnings of something because my throat was incredibly sore for a few days, but good-quality honey, with lemon in my tea seems to have done the trick. It’s all gone. But now my wisdom teeth are plaguing me. ) :

    1. Lozenges help temporarily and hot tea…in my youth would have used alcohol and cold medicine for the nice buzz but past all that now. I am enjoying your tour of Ireland though. Somehow from my perspective it just feels all cozy and not the least bit tiring

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