You Were Born 1, 2, 3, 4

Never ever …

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When you were born you needed me for everything.  And you were everything to me.

When you were one you started to realize there were other people in the world.   And though I reveled in your brilliant little self, my heart broke.

When you were two you toddled around to explore and learn.  I was too busy chasing and saving you from falling to stop and cherish the moments of craziness.

When you were three you spoke words of wisdom, I just couldn’t understand it all.  Though your little voice was a song to my heart.

When you were four you started to want other playmates and you were well on your way to determining who you were going to be.  Your temper and disposition were already evident.   It made me laugh.   It made me cry.   It gave me hope for the world.

When you were…

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