The Two of Me

Well leave it to Celi at thekitchensgarden to stimulate my morning creative flow with her post.

This morning she talked about how there are two of us, the one we see, and the one they think they see of us.  I suppose it could be broken down even further like the structure of the universe, but it’s a pretty good basic to begin with.

Celi asks, ‘If you only had one word to describe yourself what would it be’?  Herself she describes as Eclectic which seems to fit exactly with her diverse and exceptional life.

The very first word to mind would not have been my first choice.  Nothing magical, strong, or adventurous.


In fact it is FLOTSAM.  I know it is a marine term and means floating pieces, parts, etc., from a ship that has been wrecked and alas that is how I think my life has been. I seem to have very little control of it myself. Sometimes I feel like I am just along for the ride and must weather it as well as possible. Not a very strong word at all, but a surviving as cheerfully as possible word.

I have had times when I have determined to take control of my life.  Ha! Inevitably something happens with a bang that was uncontrollable and smacks me upside the head.  Foolish girl.

Anyway, FLOTSAM is my word.  What is yours?

5 thoughts on “The Two of Me”

  1. A few days ago I read the word multifarious and now I think that is my one word. As for you, flotsam can be picked up, sorted through and that which is no longer useful can be discarded.

  2. Right now my word is Watchful. Sad word really, cause I want it to be a dynamic action word like Vibrant. Oh well. Sometimes I’m a mix of Tigger and Eeyore. Thank goodness we can change the word that describes us or that people use to describe us. Chris, you’ve used Gypsy Road Warrior for me. Some days are like that, and other days not so much. Remember Flotsom to some, Treasure to others.

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