This is my Job

This is a life. Thank you Celi!


Farming these acres is my job.  A job I chose. A job I chose and grew to love. Being a woman farmer is what I am all about. A woman who farms not a farmers wife. I am the farmer.  The grower of food. cows

And I am still a relatively young woman.  In the peak of her working life. This is not my retirement or anything, I am not old enough for that – not by a long shot – this is my job. This is not a hobby or just something to pass the time. This is my job of work. It is a small enterprise on purpose. I like to fly under the radar. My food revolution is spreading by word of mouth. My job has impact.  I feed people.  I invite people to come and experience farming. This is my job. sow

It is not 9 – 5. It is…

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2 thoughts on “This is my Job”

  1. You are an excellent lady with an excellently important job whom also has an excellent site. Keep up all of your great work ma’am.

  2. I loved Celi’s post, and now we know exactly what she does on a daily basis on her farm – that is her job and she loves it!
    Her job gives so much pleasure to her readers, her visitors who come to work on the farm, and the people she feeds with her fresh produce.
    She is the salt of the earth, a truly a remarkable woman.

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