Feeling Bad about Missing a Midnight Deadline Until You Realize it Might Not Be Missed 11/366


I missed the midnight deadline, a post, which by the way was about the reliability of midnight deadlines. Had it all planned. It was the execution that proved problematic.

See, in the world of daily blogging I have fallen a little behind. Advanced to the Rear as they say, except it was not an aggressive advancement which should count for something I think.

If you take note of the date you will see it is the thirteenth of the month. Really, here we are almost halfway through the first month of 2016.

I have accepted the reality of this being after midnight, though I suppose of could call dibs on the midnight next to come, say in Manitoba, or British Columbia. I could just date it the 12th, then I am just a wee bit behind. But no I will stand tall and loudly proclaim my allegiance to midnight in Southern Ontario. And let the chips fall where they may. Hmmm wish I had some chips here to snack on. I am not usually up this late, but I have things weighing on my mind so this happens occasionally. You know the staying up late part.

Any commentary up to this month relating to El Nino and the lack of snow in my part of the world can now be put to bed with the bears.   Winter has arrived!

Yesterday morning I did not brave the trek to my usual Café O to meet with my peeps. By midday it was over cast and damp so I made the 12 km run to The Home to see our favorite Aunt. The plows had been out so the roads weren’t too bad as long as one drove slowly leaving lots of distance between cars.

We had a nice visit, tea and chatter. Frannie was able to tell me about someone who had come to see her earlier that day, she spoke of Jack but knew he had died a long time ago. The only thing she was unable to do? She had no idea who I was. Oh she was pleased to see me, she knew she must know me. And she was very socially polite but I could see her trying to figure out exactly who I was. She just could not remember.

It leads to anxiety and more confusion. Then in a blink that part of the picture clears though another piece of the puzzle fogs.

7 thoughts on “Feeling Bad about Missing a Midnight Deadline Until You Realize it Might Not Be Missed 11/366”

  1. Blog when you can and want, and leave the pressure of daily blogging behind, I say! My goal is to blog once a week (I have four active blogs), but real life takes precedence sometimes, as it should.

  2. I am 8 hours ahead of you so I would not know that you were late at all. I think it should just be the day you are on until you go to sleep! Sorry to hear about the snow but I guess it was bound to happen. Stay safe and warm.

  3. Winter brrr. Aunt Fran knows a kind heart and she loves you. Your Uncle Jack is surely pleased with all the love and support you give to his wife. Good deeds are stacking up.

  4. We must be on the same weather plan. Snow and cold hit us yesterday. And today the cold has decided to make a stand.

    I hope my nieces love me as much as you love aunt Frannie.

  5. I would have decided since I hadn’t gone to bed yet, it was still today….today being yesterday the 12th and would have adjusted date and time accordingly. Because I can! Ah Frannie, she knows you, she just wasn’t sure which day today was.

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