Eighteen Minutes

2016 Happy New Year     I swear it was eighteen minutes but it is quickly changing.  Time is up in four minutes now.  That is how long it has taken me to start this post.

Getting used to things again. You know.  Keyboards. Trying to add stuff/         WAIT     HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Geez almost missed it.   After all I if I was going to stay awake for it I sure wouldn’t want to miss it fooling around  trying to get the old lap top working.

Truth – the old lap top works fine I am sure.  Tis the user getting back into posting form that seems to screw things up.  I mean take some time.

I wish that I could tell you every wonderful exciting thing that is going to happen this year.  But other than making this wee bit of information numero uno of the next 365 I could not possibly let you know everything that is going to happen.  It would take way too long. Really.  Think about it.  I would spend all day and night trying to explain it  and you would be intently reading every word trying to figure out when I will get to the point, meanwhile you have families and jobs who would suffer mightily while you wait.

Last year at this moment I was exactly half way through my radiation treatments.  They had not yet found the cavernoma in my left temporal region so it was of no concern.

Unbeknownst the future held a move to the area I grew  in reconnecting with friends and family.

There are so many exciting things to tell you about this year.  Then my friend Joss had a great idea.  Lets get together, do a logo and let us move mountains. Several of us started 5 years ago and became a cohesive group.

Joss have invited us to come together for a day post.  A challenge.




There are so many more I can only ask you to watch for us.






17 thoughts on “Eighteen Minutes”

  1. Looking forward to reading your posts, Aunt Chris. Hope you had an awesome holiday season. 2016 will hold many exciting wonders for you!

  2. Happy New Year! I will probably write a blog starting Monday. I’m carrying it around in my head, but I guess it doesn’t count til it’s committed to print. Cheers!

    1. You are right Judith getting in the swing shouldn’t be too bad. The family gets back from Hawaii tomorrow so I am making turkey dinner today and have it ready for reheating.

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      1. Oh no. My Spanish is very limited but I´m working on it. So many people here speak English so I get by OK. I would like to get better at it though. Thanks for the good wishes!

      2. My friend whose blog is Scatter Kindness lives in Mexico six months out of the year and I tell her we should learn Spanish. I lived in Texas on the Mexican border for a couple of years and while I took classes I never did get fluent. It is a beautiful language and one I still hope to learn.

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