The Problem with Giving Birth then Creative Freedom

I am thinking new exciting starts for the New Year.

You know, assessing, doing less of this more of that.

If there are any humans left out there in The Land of Facebook I fear we are few and that means I must bid adieu to Facebook.

A perusal of content reeks of animation, repetition and pathos. Soppy sayings about death, loss and love, puppies, puking and purchases, factory generated and clicked on to reflect true love and loss, and Lord help us, that ancient relic the chain letter, that if you do not pass on in minutes to at least half the world you will receive neither blessings nor bounty.

Smart ass snippets of wisdom, amusing the first time but pretty quickly pathetic. Very little human to human communication, but what is there is buried deep and takes too long to ferret out.

Honesty of opinion cannot be expressed without vile backlash. I miss expressing my opinion and I miss having someone disagree with my opinion openly and both of us respecting the other and walking away emotionally and intellectually intact.

I have a group of friends I meet with for coffee a few mornings a week at a lovely café. Opinions are diverse, expressed, discussed. There is nothing wrong with differing opinions. By considering others’ thoughts we grow, we consider, we think. We learn. We may learn something new or we may discover a little bit more about how and why we feel what we do.

How and when did we start thinking everyone must agree with us? Truth and perception are very personal and seldom exactly the same for any two.

And whoever came up with the idea of political correctness?

Pure puppet mastery, no longer amusing and painful to watch. Unfortunately this forum has been reduced from a luxurious banquet of prime rib thought exchange to the pablum consistency only suitable for infant minded consumption.

I love my contact with my real peeps but continuing contact this way is like having to read every one of the 156 flyers that come each week with the newspaper. And I love Mark Z. He did not make this what it has become. We did. ADIEU



12 thoughts on “The Problem with Giving Birth then Creative Freedom”

  1. This topic has been on my mind a great deal. We’re so obsessed with likability. Social media is training us to present ideas and feelings and moments that are most likely to receive mass approval. A desire to sanitize all ideas until they’re palatable is a huge obstacle to progress.

    1. Exactly! We are being trained not entertained. If I were given to developing thesis and such this would be the topic. We are being trained and manipulated and it felt different when it was just our incompetent government doing it. My other comment of great import is that you just keep getting better and better looking. Wow!

  2. Good for you Chris and I understand completely.
    I’m spending less and less time on FB myself because of all the reasons you state. You say that it’s “like having to read every one of the 156 flyers that come each week with the newspaper” – and that is exactly how it feels to me too. I just need to make the decision and do it; life will still go on without FB, and probably be more the richer for it.

  3. You are so right. Part of me wants to ditch FB….I hang on because of the family connections and pictures. And I am lucky enough to have enough people who post their original thoughts and comments, which is the only thing that pulled me in to begin with. I can do without the memes and other stuff…..

  4. Wow. I browse Facebook and I agree with a lot of what you’ve said. I just block inappropriate people. I originally signed up to see pictures of my nieces and nephews and their kids It’s easy to stay away. It is like an outreach of a smutty rag more often then not. We can definitely keep in touch as we do now. And there is always good old face to face visiting. I raise my glass of egg nog to you my dear!

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