My New Venture

That Patrecia! What a girl!

God's Creatures

My Goodness it is a long time since I wrote on here..everything has changed and I could not find out where I was….so hopefully I am on the right page for a new tale to tell.

Thank you for asking..I am keeping very well, and I hope that you all are too…I have been very busy organizing my holidays for 2016.

In the beginning I did say that we would not be going cruising and so I booked a week in Bulgaria and 10 days in Romania. The idea being to see a bit more of the country that we live in as well as going to find Dracula’s castle…All booked..all signed and  all delivered….sorted!

Neville wanted to go to the Arctic but all the ships I looked at either started from Southampton and did not venture very far up the Norwegian coast or else it was a long flight…

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