We have become beggars

Thoughts? Lots of truth here


begger_by_praveenchettriWe all have become beggars. You might be taken aback by this statement and you might even think it is rude but that is the hard reality: Yes, we all have become beggars. We beg for attention and acknowledgment in every damn activity we do. We have become so much addicted to begging that we have placed our happiness on the hands of others attention. More attention, we feel happy. Less attention, we feel frustrated. I realized this when I posted a blog after a long time and was checking my blog stats again and again to see how many people have visited and read it. Then it hit me that I started the blog in the first place for me and only then for others. It was contradicting that if I started it for me then why would I feel happy or sad based on the stats. That is…

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2 thoughts on “We have become beggars”

  1. I guess it depends on what kind of attention you’re after. It’s hard to sort through the blogging stats and determine which readers genuinely enjoy your posts and will keep coming back. Although I like to think I write for myself I do enjoy attention from a select group of followers who’ve been loyal and followed my blog for a prolonged period of time.

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