Getting organized is easy

Sometimes the right word at the right moment ….


moleskine_ii__by_extrasist0leGetting organized is simple. Many think it is complicated and I was one of them until I started to follow a simple rule. The only difficult part about it is that it requires a lot of self-discipline. Unfortunately we have made our lives, a life of confusion. We have total confused our system by not being organized. We do wrong things at wrong time in wrong place. We watch TV in the bedroom instead of sleeping. We use dinning table as storage unit and use sofa in the living room for eating. We use treadmill to dry clothes instead of exercising and cupboard to dump things. We use TV stand to keep medicine and medicine box to store pins. We have been misusing places and time so much that we are completely lost now. When we go to bedroom, we don’t get sleep because our body thinks we should watch TV…

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