Intelligence Intellect Creativity

Intellect Intelligence Creativity

lm montgomery

I just finished reading The Complete Journals of L.M. Montgomery The PEI Years 1901-1911 by Mary Henley Rubio and Elizabeth Hillman Waterston and it got me thinking about intellect, intelligence, and creativity.

Montgomery is the author of Anne of Green Gables and many other stories.  Her personal journals have been published both after she had edited them and then in completion and since she lived from 1874 until 1942 I feel I absolutely must find the others and read them. Of course when I searched, my rusty trusty local library only carries the one book I have just read so now I have to decide whether to fork out some moola for the others.

There is a lot to discuss and share about the girl whose mother died 22 months after having given birth, whose father left her with his grandparents while he went off to another province, leaving her to be raised in an unloving, don’t you ever forget what we have done for you family. Seeing her life through her eyes is fascinating.  It was a stark life both emotionally and environmentally.  Prince Edward Island is one of three Canadian Maritime Provinces and while it has beautiful summer and fall seasons the winters can be brutal and when the annual storms from December to April raged it meant physical isolation for extended times.

But what I am thinking about this morning is creativity.  Maude Montgomery talks about the people in her life, family, friends, acquaintances, and notes those that are intelligent, intellectual, simple, coarse, common, and endearing.

But to get back to creativity – are writers born?  Many of my favorite writers say that from a very young age they had to write. Can you be creative and not intelligent?  Can you be intelligent and not an intellectual?  Can you be creative and not an intellectual?

Graham Collier in Psychology Today indicates from my understanding, that Intellect is Fact, and Intelligence is Feeling.

Can you increase your intellect or intelligence?  There is a lot of information on the internet dealing with this very question.  It seems yes, you can become more intellectual by learning, seeking out, and yes more intelligent, though it seems you can also be blessed with an intelligence gene.  In fact intelligence seems to be innate and intellect acquired.   So it seems you can be intelligent but not an intellect but if you are an intellect you must have some intelligence to have acquired it.

But where does that leave us on the Creativity question?  I don’t consider myself creative, at least not the kind of creativity where I am driven to create with intensity.  In fact it has crossed my mind that if there is reincarnation I may have been a successful writer in some past life but damaged my karma to such an extent that I am left aware in this life of the capability and to some degree hunger for it but lack just enough of je ne sais quoi to actually achieve anything.

Interesting huh?

6 thoughts on “Intelligence Intellect Creativity”

  1. But to get back to creativity – are writers born?

    I think for most artists in any field it is a born with talent. Of course the rest of us can improve our skills but there’s a limit to mastery. For instance I carved my first chess piece at 14 and completed several sets over the years and never had a lesson or read a guidebook. Sometimes I amaze myself with my own creativity coming up with over 600 cartoon ideas over the years. Most of the time, however, it seems like some force from the outside is feeding them to my mind.

  2. Interesting? I find it fascinating? I did not read Anne of Green Gables until I was an adult. And now you tell me this about her. Which totally fascinates me. Now I feel I must know. And your topic following completely intrigues me. I may not have intellect, but I have intelligence by birth. I would never have been able to state this Chris, but I knew it and recognized it as soon as I read it. I could not have created this intelligence. But I can gather (and have) at least a modicum of intelligence. 😉

  3. As a child I read Anne of Green Gables but ave no thought to the author. Now I shall seek out the book that has obviously had a major effect on you. And to say you are not creative is to ignore all the writing you have done and blogs you have shared with us Thank you for sharing.
    And I hope you are recovering well.

  4. Interesting thoughts. I actually believe we are all creative in some way. I love LM Montgomery and must check out the book you mentioned

  5. Love this and first I learned to love reading, Dysgraphia interfered with writing, but not personal journaling starting in my teens then technology and my wierd life as a foster parent and mental health professional eventually lead to my getting published. Sigh not a success but at least published. Now that deafness has entered my life, writing on social media is an emotional fitness survival tool. Any creativity I have is do to my mother’s advice to try everything. I also credit life with my 300 + foster children with leading me to value Emotional Intelligence which I believe can be improved no matter what the limitations imposed by the intelligence gene.

    Going to go get the book you mentioned at my next visit to our library.

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