Life Is A Purpose

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I only have one brief thought to share with anyone who needs it today…

I hope someone, in some way, expresses how much they value you today.

If no one does,  I hope you express to someone else in some way, how much you value them today.

I have been very blessed in my life to always have a saving grace of some kind.  In the form of some person.  That when I was in need of finding value-if I couldn’t find it myself-someone always managed to step in and help me see what they saw.  I try to pay that forward as best as I can.

I had a friend once tell me she has always known love, been loved, been blessed.  And she couldn’t imagine the solitary existence some folks try to survive on.  That is a gift.

If you question your value or are just feeling low…

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8 thoughts on “Life Is A Purpose”

      1. 🙂 I am glad you are following. I hope that “slowly getting back to normal” means things are “well”. I won’t push for specifics. These things are private. Please know I think of you so very often.

  1. I am presently staying with my son and daughter in law, my son works long hours and my daughter in law can take you apart with a look. So I am fairly much guaranteed to have a kindness free today. And bless her when i compliment her she takes it as her due. I just switch to my Jesus Smile, and pretend that people are saying nice things and garden… c

  2. well I value you dear Chris but I also value the friendship of all my friends on WordPress….love you all dearly even tho we may never mett

  3. We don’t tell each other enough what they mean to us and this is a good reminder to let them know. Usually it has a knock on effect as it will make that person feel good and pay it forward also. Win, win situation if we all took heed.

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