On Waking Early Ridiculously Clear of Mind

‘It seems to be an age thing, this waking up at 1:45 am, all rested and bright and mercifully doesn’t happen every day – yet.  However there seems to be a certain creativity in the hour or is it merely misguided perception, or I guess really, misperceived perception?

Laying very still listening to thoughts on free range you might say before the presence of the day cages and labels them .. these were this morning’s treasures….


What do Judge Judy and Liam Neeson do for us? (Honest honest this was the first thought.)

What if your world changed in a blink?

Are you capable of looking after yourself?

What am I not seeing in this moment?  And why does it take decades to be able to look back and wonder why we could not see what is so obvious now?

‘Decisions we make today

The things we do or do not

Temptation to evil is less glitzy, glamor and noise

Heralding its arrival and intent –

And more the quiet seductive luring and alluring procuring

It is not the roar of cannon fire warning of danger danger danger

Giving time to suit up, armor up, prepare

But the barely heard snake like slither sliding, guiding and twisting into our minds and hearts

Mindlessly following, allowing, plowing past caution.

The nonsense of consequence easily dismissed ,

Until we see the collalteral damage of broken hearts, broken children, broken homes, broken futures.

Broken us.

Now where did that come from? Guess I should go tackle that Judy/Liam thing now cause I think my mind has reached the deepest it is going to go for the day.

13 thoughts on “On Waking Early Ridiculously Clear of Mind”

  1. Goodness, your brain was firing on all cylinders, wasn’t it Chris? There were some truly beautiful moments in your ponderings.
    And I remember reading that in some cultures and times, it was perfectly common to wake in the middle of the night for an hour, do something productive and then hit the hay again. I vote that if it feels right–and that you can be so cohesive in thought and prose–then feed that flame.
    Cheers to you!

    1. I’ve read that Hemingway woke and worked in the middle of the night but usually he fell into a drunken stupor early in the evening, woke wrote and slept again til noonish. That might be a little harsh on the old body so will just take it as it comes naturally. Actually it seems to be an old age thing..I think.

  2. Today’s waking moments presented you with some questions and ponderings. Maybe tomorrow’s will present you with some revelations and answers. Amazing, your thoughts. THat clearly see what ‘we’ do. It isn’t the big explosions in our lives, but also those slithering things we allow in, and the mindlessness we often fall in to.

    Your thinking time is pretty impressive.

    (And it’s good to ‘see’ you!) 🙂

      1. Hello Chris 🙂 The day sure does steal some of our early morning energy from us doesn’t it? I think of you often. I came across one of our first correspondence the other day… 🙂

      2. I often think of those early days Colleen and us trying to figure out how to increase traffic and get Freshly Pressed, things that seemed important at the time -you have done very nicely getting a great audience whom I read in your comments.

      3. Oh my gosh…..those conversations flying back and forth between Ohio and Canada! 🙂 I do miss your posts. I hope you are doing well and the grands are spoiling you rotten. I still think of the G’s, both 1 and 2. Though I imagine them being MUCH taller than what I keep picturing them in my head.

  3. That is really funny…funny in that one can think of such a variety of different things during the thinking process in the wee small hours of the morning… Did you come up with any answers?
    I also having a ‘thinking time’..its usually between 6am and 7am with my head tucked well down and although not asleep I am not awake either. I plan what I can do , what differences I can make to my life, i come up with some very weird ideas during my thinking time and rarely do any of these ideas get put into practice….they just float off into oblivion to be thought about again sometime…
    How are you ?

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