When You Are Six

The greenest snow angel
The greenest snow angel

Sunday morning there was a sprinkling of snow and a little bit stayed on the ground.  The air somehow always seems purer as though those first flakes filter the world’s impurities making each deep inhalation seem cleaner and more energizing (but at the same time makes me suspicious of the resulting ground cover).  When I was a child the key was to not eat yellow snow, but now I wonder just what toxins may cling to white flakes lying aground.

When you are six and you see those first few flakes falling first thing in the pure morning sunlight, regardless of what else is happening in the house, the city, the world or the universe, there comes a call to suit up and get out there.

That’s what happened Sunday morning.  I was pouring my morning coffee, the family sat in comfy chairs reading newspapers or whatever held their attention on this wintery day, when I noticed a bubble of energy all dressed in the season’s first wearing of snow pants, hat, mitts and boots, standing by the front door barely able to contain himself in excitement.

My inclination was to say ‘later’ and I think I actually did say it, but the thought of  ‘six’ and ‘pure joy’ overcame my natural tendency to shield myself from the elements and I found myself saying, ‘I’m getting dressed, lets go play!’

It was a lot of work to scrounge up enough snow for a snowman but we did it – all 12″ and no play is worthwhile without a snow angel that removed that fine layer resulting in the greenest snow angel ever but oh boy, it was worth it.

Oh and today is minus nine, real feel minus seventeen and yes if that boy wants to play after school we will!

The biggest snowman we could make
The biggest snowman we could make

20 thoughts on “When You Are Six”

  1. BEST snowman EVER!!!!! It’s PERFECT! I hope you put him in the freezer to keep! And I will say I have never seen a green snow angel before. I am daggone impressed.

    And G2 appears to have a Dandy Grandma at his beck and call to make life Grand. It’s the best kind of life isn’t it?

    1. I love so much being part of their life everyday Colleen and often think that while most of us have wonderful memories of their grandmas my boys I hope will remember the everyday things that made us laugh and they will someday pass that playing on to their own grands!

  2. You made me think of where I was when I was six. I was in PA where we did have snow and I experienced it for the first time. Loved this and the wee-little-delicious snow man that looks like he was made with dipping dots.

  3. You released your inner child, and it felt so good getting out there with the boy and making a snowman….it’s so cute! Sometimes we just have to let ourselves go!

      1. Confession: Me neither. When the kids want to go outside, I try to discourage them. They look at me like I’ve two heads.
        I watch from the window with a shawl or something warm pulled over me. 😀 😀 😀

  4. That is so sweet… We had our first snow 4 weeks ago. It started with rain but ended with 20 cm that lasted for days.now it is mud slush.
    Glad you liked the sunflowers x

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