“There are no facts, only interpretations.”  – Friedrich Nietzsche

Beginnings can be difficult, the difficulty for some being that nervous flutter laced with excitement in the pits of our stomachs.  For others it is a downright gripping paralyzing fear that may have more to do with failure and a host of related psychosis stemming from childhood, adulthood, or whatever hood our minds allow.

Rebeginnings can be even more difficult and may stem from a fear of goshcanidothisagainitis.  Getting back to blogging belongs here and the well known procrastination crutch thrives in any rebeginning.  Tomorrow, tomorrow, is more than a song from ANNIE, that wonderful story where tomorrow is about hope of better things to come, whereas tomorrow for us procrastination prone folk is more about delay.

Eventually a trigger occurs and for some reason it just seems right to fire up the beast, sit in the cold chair long abandoned by a warm tush, turn on the screen, find your link to WordPress and wonder if you have forgotten your password.

I have long embraced Nietzsche’s statement about facts and perceptions.  In fact I spend a lot of time thinking about it though those wondrous thoughts never see the light of day in written word.

I have been off my game for many months and it is not so much that problems have been resolved as much as I seem to have found my footing, my sea legs.

A few months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had surgery, and soon will start radiation.  Ah now don’t cringe or moan.  I am fine and seem to spend a lot of time reassuring others.  In all gratitude I am blessed.

The cancer hospital feels like it has become home, because believe me, too many days a  week are taken up with appointments for one thing or another, and I see so many others facing worse challenges and they are my inspiration, as I want to be theirs.  My goal once my treatments are done is to volunteer at this very place.  One nurse told me that most patients say this very thing, and then she stopped and looked down and in the pause the unsaid words hung -but many don’t make it.

This is not about bravado.  The fact is that there are many kinds and stages of cancer and I drew one of the luckier kinds.  Too many are not so lucky, but I must say that since a similar diagnosis and surgery seventeen years ago a lot of progress has been made.  There is much work to be done but we have come far.

This is the last I will speak of my situation and hopefully my screen will stay on, WordPress will become my daily companion again and this chair will be warmed daily and I will have lots to say on other matters.  But I know better than to make promises and perhaps that trigger will continue to inspire.

Oh yes, what  was that trigger yesterday?  Why it is our old friend Kathy McCullough who is always

I will try a proper link here just to see if I can do it. Oh my will have to spend sometime reacquainting my self with WordPress.

24 thoughts on “Rebeginnings”

  1. Welcome back! I missed you and, ironically, just thought of you as we traveled Via Rail west to east across CA. I knew you lived there somewhere. Will be blogging on my trip soon. Keep on cheering others!

  2. I am 65 and care for my 91 year old father who is quite healthy. Tired of the milieu that is Miami after 60 years and moving to Greensboro NC. It is a frightening proposition but time for a new beginning.

    1. That is a huge new beginning Carl. Three years ago after many years of living alone I moved here, new city, to help my son’s family. The adjustment was huge just having people around. I will be thinking about you and I must admit the thought of Miami as we endure a polar vortex here in Ontario is enticing I know NC will be wonderful.Venture on my friend. I know where of you speak! There will be frustrations so do drop me a line if you need to vent.

      1. Hoping to close on house and be there mid January. Everything is so spread out, I’ll never learn all those interconnecting highways. But at our age, all dad and me need is hospital, doctors, pharmacy, bank and grocery store. And of course for me, art supply store.

  3. So happy to see you back here again Chris, we have missed your endless chatter!
    Sorry to hear what you’ve been going through, but I want you to know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers throughout your journey – and you will make a fabulous volunteer at the hospital.
    btw, the link worked, you did it!

  4. I’m so happy to have a post from you, my friend. Congrats on the new beginning. And I’m honored to have “triggered” this re-entry. Hugs and love to you, dear Chris. You are in my prayers!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  5. So good to see you again. Beginnings are fresh and all new, rebeginnings I hope mean we can pick up where we left off…sort of? You’re still on my blogroll, not at all forgotten and you are missed.
    I have made a major move from the city to the country, so if you see western and cowboy themes aplenty, you know there is only one me with my name and you aren’t at the wrong blog spot. Take care.

  6. So happy to see you back here in blogging world. It really is like riding a bicycle isn´t it? I have had some changes to since we last connected. I am now living in Spain. I plan to keep everyone up to date with my adventure once I´m more settled. You are so right, beginnings can be difficult!! All the best.

  7. oh Welcome back Chris ! So pleased to see you again popping into my inbox. I will say this and say it only once ‘sorry that you are not well. I shall pray for you’
    No further mention will be made!
    I reckon your chair has been cold far too long and I agree it takes awhile to get back into blogging.
    Now I write few and far between but I do read a lot of posts and make comments, then when the urge to write comes i am ready and waiting.
    Mine is usually about animals and in particular dogs… we now have 6 and 3 cats..what idiots we are at our time of life when we should be taking life easy we have to contend with 4 seven month old pups ripping shreds in everything,
    God Bless you dear friend…happy to see you back in the fold. xxxxx

  8. How long has it been since we met when Joss Burnel was visiting me here in Hamilton? Way too long. Beginnings are tough enough let alone re beginnings. Nice post

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