A Recipe for …uh..confusion?

Sometimes you can gather up the best ingredients for the finest creation but something goes wrong and all the basics just won’t gel if the mixing goes wrong.

I get easily bored watching award shows; judgements on red carpet attire don’t interest me in the least, actors who deliver memorable lines and fill roles that we identify are actually the people themselves stumble and bumble along no better than we, and it all gets tedious.

I started watching the 71st Golden Globes mostly out of boredom last night, and ended up seeing it right to the end.  It wasn’t tedious or boring and the natural expected level of phoniness was overtaken by what can only be described as confusing.  It lacked professionalism. In the planning I think.

The co-hosts, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, sustained their excellent standard of entertainment.   These ladies are the best I have ever seen; professional, entertaining, and sort of homey and heart-warming.

Now just who organized this shindig and who let them get away with it?

Right from the start there was a placement problem.  The logistics of getting winners from their seats to the podium seems to have been beyond ability.  The plan seemed to be to make sure there was no direct line from the nominees to the stage, by clustering as many tables as possible.  There was a walkway to the side leading to the stage and by the time our winners made the journey navigating in a squeezing hopping fashion through the tables and down the way, presenters were chatting amongst themselves, the band was running out of music, and no could remember who was receiving what for what and was it time for an entertaining commercial yet?

The of course the prompter from hell resulted in some not having any speech, some having other people’s speech, and general whining about what to do.  Once couple were quickly slipped the presentation words on yellow paper to complete their presentation.  Stars were sent out to the stage then called back.  Order was disorder big time.

Jennifer Lawrence won first Globe and gave a terrible speech that set a tone for everyone else.  She ended with ‘don’t do this again’ and I sincerely hope no one does.

Jacqueline Bisset won next and was even worse.  “I wasn’t expecting this” rang out more than once on this night.  Tough.  If you are nominated, at least have the decency to prepare something.

It was too bad it all reflected on our hosts but I have to say, it all pretty much sucked.

In the words of Jlaw, please please please do not do this again.

9 thoughts on “A Recipe for …uh..confusion?”

  1. Don’t get to watch that sort of thing here in South America without getting it online–which I don’t have time for, I’m afraid.

    It’s wonderful to have a post from you, Chris. I’ve missed you. Hope you are staying warm this winter!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    1. Thanks Kathy. Still struggling bit with health but getting there :). Nice thing is having more energy to even post lol. It’s too bad that if one must endure illness it can’t be with limitless energy, which I guess would preclude illness. hmmmm

    1. I usually am in bed but the clumsiness of it all kept me entertained. Sort of not being able to draw your eyes from an unfolding disaster. I have been keeping up with your posts and send hugs for all you do for our canine friends. Keep posting. So many of us were not even aware of the tragedy.

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