A Few Random Thought on Humaness

Scale model of the Earth and the Moon, with a ...
Scale model of the Earth and the Moon, with a beam of light traveling between them at the speed of light. It takes approximately 1.26 seconds. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The limiting Humaness of our species persists; a thought that occurs, leading to other considerations.

Human beings by virtue of self-definition set boundaries that previously did not exist, guided by ego and belief that proclamation makes something true?  Just a thought.

Scientists working endlessly of ‘laws of nature, of the universe, actually limit development by declaring physical truths to be, well, truths.

What if – travel through space and time has nothing to do with mass, propulsion or energy?

Did ET’s build ancient complicated structures around the world such as in Malta, Egypt, England, Central America or India?  Not likely, at least in the sense we consider.  Perhaps all of us are ‘T’s’.  Just terrestrials and none in the organism that is the cosmos is really ‘extra’.

What if we all had knowledge now lost, where space, time, and matter flowed as a single organism, and it is only our very human egos that persist in making us believe we are more than part of the universe?  Man, (generically speaking here), has in the past declared we are the center, first of a flat earth, then of the solar system, then the universe.  And always there seems to be a sense of surprise to find out that oops there is more.

What if there are multiverses? Do they have doppelgangers reflecting our existence as some scientists postulate?  No.  Again our egos insist we are so important that another universe cannot exist unless it mirrors us.  Human Ego, Humaness.  Have we not learned from the ‘earth is the center of the universe’ mind set?

Does this very idea make us less than we think we are?  No.  In fact it makes us even more important in a cosmic sense.

Here’s a thought;

Stop believing in what you see before you and stop believing you can only apply manmade, man conceived laws of nature.

Suppose for instance that The Speed of Light is not absolute.  But until you let go of that idea you cannot see ‘the other’.

Suppose physical travel through time and space without machinery is possible.  Clinging to our current beliefs we will never know.

Suppose building and design of massive weights and structure without ‘modern’ equipment is easily done?

Suppose communication by defined language is not necessary.


Suppose the teachings of Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, just to name a few were in fact the true message and our humanness absorbed them and turned them into ‘my God is better than your God’ and ‘if you do not belief as I then you are condemned to eternal hell’.  Maybe the messages were never meant to be humanized, or limited, or politicized leading to that most evil sin, judgment of others.

Suppose the human body can self-heal but we lost that knowledge by egotistic limitation.

The answers to these rambling sorts of questions lie not in what is out there to be learned or discovered. They lie in the very center of our own being which is not a small singular entity, but the connection to the vastness of everything.

What if the only thing we had to do was to quiet our hearts and minds, tune out this noisy world of ours, and listen?

Just a thought.

22 thoughts on “A Few Random Thought on Humaness”

    1. Thanks so much for the award nomination! I have been experiencing some energy robbing difficulties and must apologize for not responding sooner. It’s a little late in date but sending wishes for a wonderful creative New Year!

  1. Whoa! If this is “Just a thought” then I’d hate to see you ask a “big” question…
    Can’t tell you how much it ticks me off, no matter how many times I hear someone say “You can’t do that!!” to anyone (but, most especially, when said to a child!)
    My automatic response is “Why not?!”; followed shortly by “Just watch me!”
    LOVE this concept! (And the comments: )

  2. Yes. and fit in with my current discussion with a few friends here and there about not seeing religion as all evil; not seeing one political party as evil, and thinking a bit more broadly about what truths not TRUTH lies within each view. Shared it lots.

  3. Thanks Chris. Good to hear from you again. i have been blown away here in Florence at the marvels that were not achieved with ‘modern’ equipment but by forward thinking men who saw no limits to what they could do.
    Great post and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. I LOVE this , Chris! We so limit ourselves in ways we simply don’t need to. Look what we learned from Galileo. It’s wonderful to have a post from you. Hope all is well!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  5. Well; isn’t it true that the most true harmony is that we create deep in us!
    What a harmony with the outer world would mean if our soul, heart and mind are in conflict?

    Peace & Light

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