I Haven’t Shampooed My Hair in Sixteen Months

I’m trying it! I am always looking at The Bill of Goods companies and government are trying to sell us – but I never even thought of this!

Linda Cassidy Lewis

Remember I warned you that Out of My Mind blogging might take a weird turn sometimes? Well, this is one of those times. This post has zero to do with writing—except that I wrote it, of course. Skin and hair health is what’s on my mind today.

healthyhsNearly three years ago, when an unexpected financial crisis threw me into a tailspin, the stress caused my occasional skin problems to rage. Rare and mild eczema and psoriasis outbreaks became constant and serious. So, as I do everything, I researched solutions online.

Soon, I suspected sodium lauryl sulfate as a contributing factor. If you don’t know, SLS is a foaming agent, and since we’ve been conditioned to think cleansers need foam or suds to work, it’s an ingredient in nearly every commercial soap, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, etc.  Commercial SLS-free cleansers can be expensive, but I discovered I already had or could make…

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2 thoughts on “I Haven’t Shampooed My Hair in Sixteen Months”

  1. baking soda and water? wow.. I might try it.. i love cider vinegar and i already use grape seed as a moisturiser for my face.. it is excellent! great reblog chris.. c

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