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English: A graph showing where electronic aggression occurs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My mind has been occupied lately thinking about the power of words.  Words are wonderful when giving expression to how we feel, but there is, I think a dark side to words.  Somewhere along the line we, the people, have allowed words to hold an unimaginable strength, the strength to hurt us.  And we allow it.

The news is full of young people committing suicide from the strength we give words.

The term Bullying has become so closely defined that a comment, any comment can be taken as Bullying if it does not meet our approval.

Whenever I hear a celebrity says, ‘I was bullied.’ I wonder if it truly was bullying or just something they slanted to look that way, because after all it is the IN thing.

I find myself wondering why it is so deadly to us now.

Let’s face it – Bullying in one form or another has always existed.

Bullying when I was young generally meant a couple of people, or more,  physically bullied others.  The cowards of all cowards were bullies.

But it seems most of what is happening today is happening on the internet, social pages, or verbal attacks and the problem is that for some reason we are allowing – yes – ALLOWING – what others have to say affect us.

How has it come about that we are raising generations so easily affected by words?

When I was young, and yes, that was last century, we had a regular chant heard pretty much every day that left us impervious to taunts.  It protected us and made us stronger.  Why is it that today people flinch at words?

When did we stop believing –



When did we allow someone else’s words to have the power to hurt us?  Why do we allow ourselves to be victimized by words?

How is it our children of today cannot stand up and shout out the chant that may seem silly to some, but confirms within we have strength.  We are strong.

We have so many committees and governments working on stopping bullying – which I don’t think will happen completely – but has anyone considered attacking the other end?  The part inside each child that screams in defiance –


It’s time for all of us to realize we are the ones that allow words strength.

And just maybe it is time we work to change attitudes of the victims and future victims.

Go ahead.  Say it to yourself a few times.  You will feel stronger.

We need to be stronger.





6 thoughts on “STICKS AND STONES”

  1. You bring up a very wise poignant fact that, indeed, no one is responsible for our feelings but ourselves and that is absolute truth! However, Ms. McCullough also brought up another point that bullying today is much more public than it used to be 10, 20, 50 years ago.

    Bullying was once considered a natural, animalistic rite of passage where the strong weed out the weak. However, over the course in time, science and behavioral studies showed that most bullying is actually the opposite — that bullies are displacing their own sense of inferiority and weakness upon another. And unfortunately, today there are more witnesses, more pressure, and more participants which makes enduring such attacks much harder, especially for children. Therefore, more casualties.

    Letters are symbols of sound. The spoken word is comprised of organized sounds and words are composed of letters. Scientifically, sound creates frequencies that have a physiological effect on the body and mind, thus the power of music. Therefore, concurrently, the power of words as well. The mantra “Sticks and stones” was an affirmation designed many years ago to help people cope with the damage those sounds can potentially inflict. Today, not even the most revered psychologist or mental health care worker would even think to entertain giving this prescription to a bully victim because everything we know and endure today proves otherwise.

    You are a wise, warm, and thoughtful person! But truth is, “Words will never hurt me” is just — I’m sorry — simply not true.

  2. Hadn’t thought of bullying in these terms, to be honest. It’s quite a fresh perspective, Chris. At the same time, I think bullying of children these days may have a greater impact because of the far reach of technology. Hateful words spread quickly–go “viral,” so to speak. Still kids today, I think, would, indeed, benefit from the old saying. You’re right, my friend.
    Hugs from Ecuador,

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