Gilts and Barrows – Goods and Bads

Washing basket moments come at the worst times of course. Our friend Celi is not the only one in suffering at weather’s tantrums from Alberta to the north, and south and other side of the world but she is one that we know and love.


A little girl pig is a gilt until she has babies then she is a sow, a little boy pig starts out as a boar and becomes a barrow after his wee operation.


The Kitchens Garden Farmy officially has six barrows and 2 gilts. The barrows will sell for less than the gilts but are also used as show pigs.  Though I will be keeping a few back for the freezer. Their ears are clipped with their registration numbers so when they sell they can be identified. hay-002

We had more showers yesterday morning on my already soggy hay so I forked as much loose hay up into the truck as I could before my energy ran out and it (my energy and the hay) is on the barn floor  and draped on the pen walls drying. I just could not bear to watch the rain hitting my precious hay and…

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2 thoughts on “Gilts and Barrows – Goods and Bads”

  1. Amazing woman, Celi. Such determination. I loved: ” The wonderful thing about the morning is that we have a chance to do it over. The sun rises and we start anew. Every morning comes with a Good and a Chance. ”

    Thanks for reblogging this.

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